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How Metastasis Occurs

By Kevin Conners | Dec 14, 2017

How Metastasis Occurs Most cancers shed malignant cells called circulating tumor cells (CTCs) or cancer stem cells. These can be considered micro metastases that, thanks to your healthy immune system, usually fail to grow in their new locations. CTCs are doing just as they are named – they are circulating through the body looking for […]

Warning to Prostate Cancer Patients

By Kevin Conners | Dec 10, 2017

Warning to Prostate Cancer Patients Many oncologists that treat prostate cancer patients insist on using androgen-deprivation therapy (ADT) that blocks male hormone production and release. Most prostate cancer patients are informed about the numerous side-effects such as hot flashes, metabolic syndrome/weight gain, muscle mass loss, gynecomastia (developing breast tissue), and osteoporosis. The vast majority of men receiving […]

Chaga Mushroom Secrets

By Kevin Conners | Dec 6, 2017

The Rife Machine

By Kevin Conners | Dec 4, 2017

The Rife Machine I highly recommend the book Earthing to all my readers to help them understand the concept. It is easy to explain to my Minnesota patients who love to hunt. I often hear men say something like, “I just love to go sit in the woods next to a tree. I don’t even […]

Food Sensitivity Testing

By Kevin Conners | Dec 2, 2017

Modified Gerson Therapy – Why Did Gerson Succeed?

By Kevin Conners | Dec 1, 2017

Modified Gerson Therapy- Why Did Gerson Succeed? WHY DID MAX GERSON SUCCEED?—Max Gerson succeeded where many have failed because he spent decades trying to improve his clinical work and watched closely to see what worked instead of what the researchers, working with rats, had concluded. “The physician… hesitates to take risks for his patients by applying […]

How Genetics and Cancer are connected

By Kevin Conners | Nov 27, 2017

How to kill CANCER cells

By Kevin Conners | Nov 24, 2017

Are we winning the WAR on CANCER?

By Kevin Conners | Nov 20, 2017

Does Cancer Screening Improve Outcomes?

By Kevin Conners | Nov 18, 2017

The RIGHT way to Detox

By Kevin Conners | Nov 14, 2017

Don’t Make Cancer Decisions Like This…

By Kevin Conners | Nov 11, 2017

Say “NO” to the Flu Shot

By Kevin Conners | Nov 11, 2017

Green Tea blocks Cancer

By Kevin Conners | Nov 8, 2017

Green Tea blocks Cancer EGCg is the active ingredient EGCg (epigallocatechin-3-gallate), the polyphenol found in green tea, may cause apoptosis in oral cancer cells while leaving normal cells alone, according to researchers at Penn State. Previous studies had shown that EGCg destroyed oral cancer cells without harming healthy ones, but researchers did not understand the mechanism […]

Flame-Retardant Dangers

By Kevin Conners | Nov 4, 2017

Flame-Retardant Dangers Flame retardant chemicals are used in commercial and consumer products to meet flammability standards. Not all flame-retardants present the same concerns, but the following types are very toxic: Halogenated flame-retardants (also known as organohalogen flame retardants) containing chlorine or bromine bonded to carbon. Organophosphorous flame-retardants containing phosphorous bonded to carbon. These two types […]

Vaccines and Cancer 2

By Kevin Conners | Nov 3, 2017

Vaccines and Cancer

By Kevin Conners | Nov 2, 2017


By Kevin Conners | Oct 31, 2017

Iodine and Cancer

By Kevin Conners | Oct 31, 2017

Stop the Statins

By Kevin Conners | Oct 30, 2017

Stop the Statins I have LONG preached about the horrors of Statins (cholesterol lowering drugs) as they do FAR more damage than anything they may help. The complete fallacy that has been shouted about the “need” to reduce cholesterol to decrease heart risk is beginning to be exposed. A new study revealed another chink in […]

Persistent UTIs may Indicate Bladder Cancer

By Kevin Conners | Oct 27, 2017

Persistent UTIs may Indicate Bladder Cancer Persistent symptoms characteristic of urinary tract infection (UTI) that do not improve with time or treatment could indicate bladder cancer. That’s the simple “take-home message” from a first of its kind study of UTI-like symptoms and bladder cancer, according to lead author Kyle Richards, MD, from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. […]

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