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Genetic Testing in Cancer

By Kevin Conners | Mar 7, 2017

Colorectal Cancer Rates Increasing

By Kevin Conners | Mar 1, 2017

Cancer Testing – the OncoBlot test

By Kevin Conners | Feb 21, 2017

Earthing – Staying Grounded in a Complex World

By Kevin Conners | Feb 1, 2017

Earthing – Staying Grounded in a Complex World Earthing is a word coined by Clinton Ober in his groundbreaking book, “Earthing, The most important health discovery ever”.  It is based on the truth that the earth carries a negative charge and life (stress, artificial living surroundings, chemicals, etc.) gives us positive charge (ions) which bring […]

Why Consider an Integrative Approach to Cancer?

By Kevin Conners | Jan 11, 2017

Be Careful of the Hype

By Kevin Conners | Jan 10, 2017

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for Cancer patients

By Kevin Conners | Dec 21, 2016

Green Tea EGCg may reduce Cancer Risk

By Kevin Conners | Dec 5, 2016

Green Tea EGCg may reduce Cancer Risk Green tea (Camelia sinensis) is an abundant source of antioxidants – notably, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg), the most potent reducer of IL-6, a powerful pro-inflammatory cytokine. Previous studies have suggested that supplements of green tea extract may confer a variety of cardiovascular and cancer protective effects. More recently, Nagi […]

Are Antiseptics killing our Microbiome?

By Kevin Conners | Nov 22, 2016

Are Antiseptics killing our Microbiome? “The year was 1847. Hungarian physician, Ignaz Semmelweis, made the radical proposal that hand washing in an antiseptic solution would reduce the mortality rates in maternity wards, from a frightful 10 to 35 percent, to a mere 1 percent. Unfortunately, as with most pioneers of medical breakthroughs, Semmelweis’s proposal offended […]

Fracking – the bad news

By Kevin Conners | Nov 17, 2016

Fracking – the bad news Though no one can argue the that there has been benefits from Hydraulic fracturing – otherwise known as simply “fracking”, the popular form of oil and gas drilling has expanded vastly in the United States over the past ten years, leading to increasing concerns about water and air pollution.  According […]


By Kevin Conners | Nov 10, 2016

Skullcap The herb with the eriee name can be a huge blessing for those with anxiety. There are two forms of skullcap employed for medicinal reasons: American skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora) and Chinese skullcap (Scutellaria baicalensis). They are not interchangeable. This brief post is focused on American skullcap. American skullcap is native to North America, but is […]

Food and Inflammation

By Kevin Conners | Nov 4, 2016

Food and Inflammation Patients with autoimmune diseases are typically given medications with limited success because the current medical ‘acute care model’ is given to a chronic problem while the underlying causes are never investigated. The truth is that everyone has their own unique biochemical individuality. This is a common problem with almost all autoimmune diseases, cancers, and […]

Pesticides Causing Cancer

By Kevin Conners | Oct 15, 2016

Pesticides Causing Cancer Pesticides are widely used in agriculture and there are concerns that they could increase the risk of cancer. Some studies have suggested that pesticides could increase the risk of  leukaemia, lymphoma, brain tumours, breast cancer and prostate cancer. But for now, researchers are afraid to say that the evidence is not strong enough to show a definite link, […]

Apoptosis 101 – Alternative Cancer Basics

By Kevin Conners | Oct 1, 2016

Apoptosis 101 – Alternative Cancer Basics What is cancer? Why do we get it? How can we prevent it? How can I get rid of it? These are all questions that people ask, especially if they or a loved one has been diagnosed with the disease. The most important thing to know is that THERE […]

Histamine and your GENES

By Kevin Conners | Sep 20, 2016

Histamine and your GENES Histamine “intolerance” is a common problem. WHY does it occur? Is it a disease? Is it an allergy? What’s my real problem? This video will explain these questions and MORE: List of HIGH and LOW histamine foods

Anxiety Anyone?

By Kevin Conners | Sep 10, 2016

Anxiety There seems to be a new named anxiety disorder about the same time the FDA approves a new medication to treat anxiety. Hummm? For those who have ever suffered with any form of anxiety, they know it is real. It involves many different areas of the brain that reflect both the uniqueness of each […]

Living Well with Microbes 2

By Kevin Conners | Aug 28, 2016

Living Well with Microbes 2 What are the distinguishing characteristics of microbes that live in humans? A successful pathogen or commensal must do the following: Enter the human host; Become established, which includes successful competition with indigenous microbes; Acquire nutrients; Avoid or circumvent the host’s innate defenses and a powerful immune system; Above all, replicate; […]

Living Well with Microbes 1

By Kevin Conners | Aug 15, 2016

Living Well with Microbes 1 Beginning immediately at birth, humans are colonized by a myriad of microorganisms that assemble into complex stereotypic communities, creating a beneficial indigenous microbiota. The result is a “supra-organism” in which our microbial partners outnumber our human cells by 10-to-1. Most currently available information about the human microbiota concerns the bacterial […]

CDC admits to “surprising gaps” in Understanding of Ovarian Cancer

By Kevin Conners | Aug 1, 2016

CDC admits to “surprising gaps” in Understanding of Ovarian Cancer Despite advances in cancer research, there remain “surprising gaps” in the fundamental understanding of ovarian cancer, according to a report recently published online by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. One of the key findings of the report is that ovarian cancer should not be […]

Antibiotics can cause acute delirium

By Kevin Conners | Jul 1, 2016

Antibiotics can cause acute delirium Antibiotic toxicity can represent an unrecognized cause of delirium in hospital patients, with manifestations observed in three distinct phenotypes, new research shows. “While toxicity from antibiotics has certainly been reported in the past, this is the largest analysis of the spectrum of toxicity from antibiotics,” lead author Shamik Bhattacharyya, MD, […]

The GUT and Cancer

By Kevin Conners | Jun 15, 2016

The GUT and Cancer Surprise, surprise, what we’ve been saying for years is now being verified by “real science” – the GUT plays a huge part in cancer. Top scientists at Roche Holding AG and AstraZeneca Plc are sizing up potential allies in the fight against cancer: the trillions of bacteria that live in the […]

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