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About Dr. Kevin Conners

Dr. CDr. Kevin Conners has been studying alternative cancer care for over 17 years. Dr Conners also holds Fellowships and Board Certifications for Health Research Outcomes, Anti-Aging Medicine, Regenerative and Functional Medicine, and is Board Certified in Integrative Cancer Therapy.

“Never stop asking why?” – Dr Conners

He is certified in Functional Neurology and has had over 300 hours postgraduate study in the Autism Spectrum Disorders. and trained in Epigenetic Clinical Methylation and Nutrigenomics. Dr. Conners is a practicing Applied Kinesiologist with an emphasis on Botanical Medicine and Homeopathy.

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Patient Experiences

"If your looking for someone that wants to help and find the cause of your sickness, Dr. Conners is the doctor for you."

Vicki & Kiera Velna

Conners Clinic Patient

"I finally have a plan and feel at peace with my cancer treatment decision. Thanks to Dr. Conners, I can now move forward with my life."

Tamara Huss

Conners Clinic Patient

"Dr. Conners gave me and my family peace of mind, hope and the ability to restore my health!"

Randy & Beth Pratl

Conners Clinic Patient

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