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First Steps

New Patient start here:

Step 1

CALL 651.739.1248 or fill out our contact form. READ the website and WATCH our videos. You must CALL to schedule your initial 30-minute Case Review AND pre-pay the $199 to reserve your spot. ALSO: See our FAQ page.

Step 2

Download the paperwork and complete it as thoroughly as possible. This MUST be completed, SIGNED and received (all 6 pages) in clinic 24 hours prior to visit or your visit and fee will be forfeited.


Fee Schedule Overview:

Everyone seeking one-on-one care with Dr. Conners begins with a New Patient Case Review - $199 - follow steps above.

(The 30-minute Case Review allows Dr. Conners to discuss your current symptoms with you to determine if he can accept your case and for you to decide if this is the best place for you. The fee for this must be paid at the time of scheduling, is non-refundable for any reason, and there is no guarantee that we will accept your case. Understand that NO treatment advice or care recommendations will be given at the Case Review.)

 Care Plans - range from $15,900 for our Distance program to $21,300 for our full SIX MONTH CANCER PROGRAM - See DETAILS of what is involved.

23andme Review - $249 -  This is for NON-cancer, NON-plan patients and does NOT include any personal consultation with Dr. Conners. Full Plan patients have this included in their Plan and receive much more including one-on-one coaching through the details.

Details:  Our Six Month Cancer Program 

Frequently Asked Questions


Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday:  8:00 - 4:30 (Central Time)

Friday, Saturday & Sunday:  closed

Please feel free to call and leave us a message off-hours


The doctor practices ONLY under his Pastoral Medical Association license TO MEMBERS ONLY. We utilize only natural, Biblical approaches of care to our members. All information on this website as well as information in published books is NOT for treatment purposes. Please consult your doctor or responsible clinician for care.

Anyone desiring to receive care in our clinic must become a member - please call our office to find out more.


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