What do cancer cells typically feed on?


There are significant studies that show that refined sugars help in the process of cancer growth. It’s important to note that unnatural alternatives, such as Splenda or Aspartame are NOT good options. PLEASE steer far clear of these. Instead, try a natural alternative, such as honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, monk fruit, or Stevia. 


BPA is a chemical compound that is practically inescapable in modern American life. It is used in virtually every plastic container, plastic bottles, coffee cup lids & canned goods. This compound breaks down & can contaminate liquid contents. This is known as an endocrine disruptor & has been shown to alter the body’s chemistry in alarming ways. 

Dairy & Gluten—

Dairy, when consumed in its now typical ultra-pasteurized state, has a significant inflammatory nature in the body. This inflammation often can feed the cancer cells of specific cancers. We often coach that the diet should be changed to exclude dairy when dealing with cancer. 

Wheat is rich in glutamine & many cancers feed on this compound. Not only this, but gluten is highly inflammatory. It is unfortunate, but our wheat production is not the same as it was hundreds of years ago when this wasn’t the case & wheat wasn’t ultra-processed. Because of this, we typically recommend a diet that excludes gluten.

GMOs, Preservatives & Additives—

Genetically modified foods have been around for decades now. Many studies have shown significant issues in how these foods affect our gut & tissue. GMO foods contain high amounts of pesticides & herbicides that also contribute to inflammation in the body. Our modern agricultural system has failed us, so it is important to be careful about what we put into our bodies. 


Electromagnetic Fields from power lines, high power lines, home wiring, airport or military radar, all types of electrical devices, computers, cell phones, & other home appliances can disturb human body cells. EMFs have been studied to be a contributor to a variety of cancers. Not to mention, they are most often associated with mental & chronic illness. 

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