Here is the Rife Machine we recommend to our patients.

1.  Rife was an “outside the box” thinker. If anyone wants to solve current problems they must think differently than current thought. There are just too many followers and not enough true leaders. Maybe this is because leaders get ridiculed as being heretics, are criticized for rocking the boat, and you are out in front you will be stabbed in the back. rife was willing to ‘counter-think’ and we are all better off for it.

2.  Rife never stopped believing there was a better way. Our motto has been, “never stop asking why” because we believe there is always a reason for illness, we just need to keep digging to figure it out. rife believed the same and he just wasn’t okay with the morbid failure rate of the current system. Praise God for thinkers like this!

3.  Rife believed in Quantum Entanglement. Quantum entanglement is a term used by quantum physicists to describe a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles interact in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently—instead, a quantum state may be given for the system as a whole. In simple terms, quantum entanglement says that two particles, once entangled (connected) will act the same way even if they are separated. Einstein called this, “spooky action at a distance” and it was a theory until recently proven to be true.

This ‘spooky action at a distance’ may be one way that light frequencies affect human tissue cells to bring healing. Rife believed it to be so and it worked!

The Royal Rife Story

4.  Rife was an inventor. Inventors make things work; they figure it out and are not afraid to scrap an idea that doesn’t work to forge on and find out what does. Rife’s inventions include a heterodyning ultraviolet microscope, a micro-dissector, and a micromanipulator. When you thoroughly understand Rife’s achievements, you may well decide that he had one of the most gifted, versatile, scientific minds in human history. By 1920, Rife had finished building the world’s first virus microscope. By 1933, he had perfected that technology and had constructed the incredibly complex Universal Microscope, which had nearly 6,000 different parts and was capable of magnifying objects 60,000 times their normal size. With this incredible microscope, Rife became the first human being to actually see a live virus, and until quite recently, the Universal Microscope was the only one which was able view live viruses.

Modern electron microscopes instantly kill everything beneath them, viewing only the mummified remains and debris. What the Rife microscope can see is the bustling activity of living viruses as they change form to accommodate changes in environment, replicate rapidly in response to carcinogens, and transform normal cells into tumor cells.

5.  Rife continued beyond the skeptics. During his work with cancer patients, Rife encountered plenty of skeptics. The naysayers didn’t slow him down. I’m sure Rife had many faults and though the skeptics never slowed him, one fault may have been that he just wasn’t a fighter. When the AMA shut his doors and smashed his equipment, he quit. He was beat; which left his work in limbo for decades and allowed thousands to die at the hands of “modern medicine” that may have been healed.