We have long preached that one is not what one eats, but one is what one fails to detoxify. Toxins that can’t pass out of the body, for whatever reason, are stored in the fat cells. Breast tissue is particularly vulnerable to environmental toxins since breasts are made up of fat cells. Breast tissue is also influenced by hormonal activity, with a large body of research linking environmental pollutants to unhealthy hormonal signaling throughout the body. Many environmental toxins are not water soluble making breast tissue even more susceptible.

In particular, many pesticides and heavy metals tend to gravitate toward fatty tissues. Numerous studies have found high levels of such toxins in breast tissue and breast milk. Many of these compounds, known as “POPs” (Persistent Organic Pollutants), remain in the environment for a long time and continue to bioaccumulate up the food chain. There’s another group of chemicals that pose an issue for breast health and other hormone related areas, such as prostate, ovarian and uterine health.

Known as endocrine disruptors, environmental estrogens or xenoestrogens, these chemicals mimic estrogen and other hormones and trick the body into using them. Common examples include Bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates found in certain plastics and food packaging. Xenoestrogens can trigger excessive stimulation of hormone-sensitive tissues, with widespread impacts on human and environmental health. Foods and supplements that help remove pollutants from the body provide a multitude of long-term benefits, not just for breast health but overall longevity. Sulphur-containing foods, such as: broccoli, kale, cabbage, cauliflower, onions, and garlic all contain compounds that aid in detoxification.

For comprehensive breast health support, we recommend BreastDefend: a unique integrative formula designed to promote optimal breast health. Every ingredient is chosen based on the best scientific research on phytonutrients, medicinal mushrooms and antioxidants. A proactive, integrative approach is the most effective way to support long-term wellness. As we face increased exposure to environmental toxins and other health-robbing compounds, ecoNugenics offers research-driven, physician-formulated supplements that deliver unparalleled benefits for our most critical areas of health, safely and naturally.

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