A Spiritual Purpose

Life is not static. Everything is in a state of flux, moving, growing and dying. I spent this past weekend with my children along with my 10 grandchildren. It was joy. To see the faces of wonder and imagine the thoughts behind their fragmented comments of life’s experience help put everything is perspective. They were constantly learning, absorbing information from every sense organ, processing it against current ‘knowns’ and saving most for future reference. Children are in constant awe and in complete dependence. Maybe that’s why Jesus said that we must come to Him like a little child?

Isn’t that how we are to be? The moment we rest on our laurels, think that we’ve arrived, or accomplished our goal is the tipping point for a down-hill spiral. Life is growth; life is wonder; life is increase and multiplication. The problem comes when we do one of two things: we either grow in self-centered narcissism or we stop growing for fear of loss. Either will lead to destruction.

The world is full of selfish humanism – nearly every television commercial attempts to drive us to believe we need greater beauty or more stuff. We are born with an inner dissatisfaction with our current condition and then erroneously taught that the accumulation of possessions, knowledge, status, or power will meet that need. It is a lie, but one that is well perpetrated in permeated in everything, from education to home to church. We have taken the God-given hunger for real spiritual purpose and filled it with garbage that gives temporary relief at best and leaves us empty, starving for truth and blinded to its presence.

Many Christians seem no better. We quarrel about dogmas, separate over superficial, and judge others before looking closely at our own heart. Maybe we get into trouble when we try to fill that ‘dissatisfaction with our current condition’ with things that look godly but are void of His real love.

Clearly, there is not one thing God has created that just remains the same, unmoved, and unchanged. The believer is to be the summit of God’s creation, ever unfolding, progressing and expanding. It is not through power or might, not knowledge alone or wit or skill, it is through wisdom from God through His Spirit and His Son.

Peter implored the believers, “Grace and peace be multiplied unto you…” (2 Peter 1:2a) I don’t know about you but I need a multiplication of Grace and God’s peace! How? “…through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord…”(1:2b) We are to dependently call on the One who gives freely. This is the believer’s true purpose: To dependently believe and obediently walk in a relationship relying solely on God’s grace, every coming to a greater knowledge of Him who called us to enjoy Him forever.