What is the Agaricus Mushroom?

Agaricus mushroom is a Brazilian rainforest herb that is among the premier immune system tonics of all known natural substances. It is the richest source in the world of a type of polysaccharide known as beta-glucans, which has been solidly established to be among nature’s most potent immune potentiating substances.

Agaricus has double-direction activity on the immune system. In other words, it may be used to bolster a deficient immune system, as occurs in cases involving infections, or Agaricus may be used to moderate an excessive system, as occurs in cases of autoimmune disease and allergies.  This means it is an “immune modulator”.  In cancer patients, it helps suppress a hyper-active Th2 system and increase a Th1 response! Agaricus may therefore be used by anyone. In Japan, Agaricus is considered a “cure-all” herb.   



The Agaricus mushroom has been used on a variety of ailments, including cancer type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, ongoing liver disease, “hardening of the arteries,” bloodstream disorders and digestive problems. Other uses also include the prevention of heart disease, weakened bones, and stomach ulcers, along with the ability to boost the immune system and maintain physical and emotional stress.


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