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Alternative Cancer Treatment Case Studies

Alternative Cancer Treatment case studies

I often get asked for studies and research proving Alternative Cancer Treatment cures cancer. As I always say, we don't treat cancer! What we do is seemingly contrary to the established, medical paradigm of treating diseases and symptoms. At Conners Clinic we treat the person. We find the cause, and help get that body healthy so that it can fight off disease naturally. That being said, below are just a few studies on alternative cancer treatment for you to study if you are so inclined.

This may be the most impressive and successful studies in cancer research. The study was conducted by the University of CA, San Diego and the Gerson Research Organization, title, “5-Year Survival Rates of Melanoma Patients treated by diet and therapy after the manner of Gerson.”

CONCLUSIONS: The 5-year survival rates reported here are considerably higher than those reported elsewhere. Stage IIIA/B males had exceptionally high survival rates compared with those reported by other centers.

RESULTS SUMMARIZED: Of 14 patients with stages I and II (localized) melanoma, 100% survived for 5 years, compared with 79%. Of 17 with stage IIIA (regionally metastasized) melanoma, 82% were alive at 5 years, in contrast to 39%. Of 33 with combined stages IIIA + IIIB (regionally metastasized) melanoma, 70% lived 5 years, compared with 41% of 134. Of 18 with stage IVA melanoma, 39% were alive at 5 years, compared with only 6%. Survival impact was not assessed for stage IVB.


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