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When you hear the dreaded word cancer, the first thing that probably comes to mind is chemotherapy. This has been the most common approach to cancer for most people, however as time goes on we are seeing the effects of chemo on cancer patients; and they're not good. Families and friends of cancer patients that choose chemo will attest to the fact that the chemicals often do more harm than good. They sit in sadness as they watch their loved ones deteriorate, often times faster than if they had allowed the cancer to progress.

There is no question about it: chemotherapy does much more than harm the cancer cells; it harms the patient as well by attacking healthy cells.

Physicians around the world have had alternative cancer treatment centers for years. Their goal has always been to improve the health of the patient and help them fight off their cancer. This is much different than the drug companies' desire to make more money at all costs.

If you look at the statistics, many cancer patients with malignant tumors that "successfully" complete their chemotherapy treatment only live on average 5 more years. Compare that to many alternative cancer options that are much more successful. The reason this is true is because alternative methods focus on getting the whole person better. Oncologists focus on the disease itself; as if leaving the environment that the cancer grew in the same wouldn't produce the same result later on?

Most cancer patients are completely unaware of their other options regarding their cancer. Oncologists and others deeply invested in the current medical model of care are quick to write off any alternative options as quackery and unsafe. They refuse to look at the decades of scientific evidence that has been provided by many brilliant scientists and physicians around the world. Men like Royal Raymond Rife, Dr Kelley, and Dr Gerson were either ignored, shunned, or completely destroyed by the medical establishment.

How to Choose Among Alternative Cancer Centers

It can be difficult to choose which alternative cancer center you want to trust. Most people, when they think about clinics that do natural, holistic coaching for cancer, immediately think of Mexico. It's true, there are many Mexico cancer clinics. What you want to do, however, is choose which one is best for you.

When you look at the different clinic and cancer centers around the world, you will find several in Mexico, Germany, and even Thailand. On top of the costs of utilizing these clinic's services, you must also include the travel costs. And the risks if you're going to an area that is not traditionally safe. That's what makes Dr. Kevin Conners and Conners Clinic so unique compared to other Alternative Cancer Coaching centers.

Mexico Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers vs Conners Clinic

We are an extremely unique clinic that offers natural, holistic information for people with a cancer diagnosis. Some of the resources, therapies, and protocols we teach about include the Gerson Diet, Budwig Protocol, Enzyme Therapy, Rife, PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy, Genetic Reviews, and more. Everything we do starts with asking WHY.

We want you to consider your whole body, not only addressing physical healing but also spiritual and emotional.

We Teach About the Four Pillars of Cancer

Find the Cause

If you look on the CDC or WHO websites, you will find lists for many common causes of cancer. From genetic factors, to bacterial, to toxic exposure, there is a myriad of possibilities.

Personalized Nutrition

Our second pillar clears away a lot of confusion. Most people, when researching what to do for their cancer, become overwhelmed with the number of alternative approaches. The truth is that what works for one person may not work for another. Below you can read about several of the possibilities we teach about, but let's make one thing perfectly clear: You want to be as specific as possible as to what is BEST for you.

Rife Light Frequency Technology

Our third pillar is help determine the Rife frequencies that would work best to help your body's immune system work better. Possibly the most impressive method of detoxification ever developed, Rife technology was developed in the 1920s and 1930s by one of the true geniuses of the 20th Century, a microbiologist named Dr. Royal Rife. It involved aiming specific light frequencies (piggy-backed onto a particular carrier wave for deep penetration) at people to help them heal.

Support & Detoxification

There are many other approaches to cancer that we teach our members on a very individualized basis. Many come to us already employing some of these such as juicing, detoxing methods, saunas, Ion Cleanse, etc.

We do NOT fit members into a protocol; we help them build a protocol around their individual needs!

Common Alternative Cancer Resources


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Some of the most common resources that we teach about include:

Rife Machine

Gerson Therapy (Juicing and Coffee Enemas)

Budwig Protocol (Flax Seed Oil and Cottage Cheese)

Enzyme Therapy (Dr Kelley and Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez)

Medicinal Mushrooms


Essiac Tea

B-17 (Laetrile)







Have Questions?

That’s okay, we’re here to guide you on your journey.

Download Chapter 1 of Stop Fighting Cancer & Start Treating the Cause now for FREE!

Download Chapter 1 of Stop Fighting Cancer & Start Treating the Cause now for FREE!

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