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Anne – Nutritionist, Genetic Coach

Anne Zimmerman | The Anne & Ashley Show | Conners Clinic


Anne is married with three children and lives in Stillwater, a small town just north of Conners Clinic. Her oldest son is studying at Arizona State University and her daughter and youngest son are in High School, very active in hockey.

Anne holds a degree in Health and Wellness from the University of Minnesota and she is certified in Functional Genomics and Nutrition. After her husband was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2011 she developed a passion for nutrition and the important role food choices play in health and disease prevention. This passion lead to her Certification in Holistic Nutrition. Anne believes optimal health begins in the gut and that an individual holistic approach is the path to true health and healing.

Anne is Certified in Thermography and Methylgenetic Nutrition and is completing her Certification as a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner. She is thrilled to assist patients with their care here at Conners Clinic! 

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