The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has added aromatase inhibitors to its list of medications recommended to reduce breast cancer risk in women at increased risk. This is a change from the group’s 2013 recommendation on using drugs to lower breast cancer risk. Of course, they are recommending the DRUGS.

Most people who have had or are experiencing the side-effects of tamoxifen-like medications may argue with the above recommendation, however, there are NATURAL inhibitors of aromatase as well as nutrients that tend to “pull-out” undesirable estrogens.

In the USPSTF’s final recommendation statement in JAMA, other recommendations are largely unchanged. Women aged 35 years and older who are at increased risk for breast cancer can be offered medications, also including tamoxifen and raloxifene, if they are at low risk for side effects (grade B recommendation).

There are several natural products one may consider to add to their protocol:

  1. DIM, I3C, and Calcium D-Glucarate may help reduce “bad estrogens” – see our Clear DIM, our Clear Estro DIM Pro, and our Aroma Clear 
  2. Sulforaphane products from broccoli have been shown to naturally reduce unwanted estrogens as well – see our SulforaXYM
  3. Fermented Soy can be a great addition – see our Haelan 951
  4. Plant-lignan extracts support healthy aromatase levels – see our Estro Clear
  5. Products with Chrysin and a blend of the above estrogen balancers may be a good choice – see our Clear Balance
  6. Supporting the PON1 detoxification pathway is always wise – see our Phase 2 product

We also recommend our Breast Cancer Prevention BUNDLE which includes great aromatase inhibitors:

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