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Ashley – Nutritionist, Genetic Coach

Ashley Mayer | The Anne & Ashley Show | Conners Clinic


Ashley holds a degree in Exercise Science, is Certified in Functional Genomics, and is completing her Naturopathic training. She believes strongly in the body’s ability to heal itself.

Ashley specializes in nutrition and personal training and has competed in bodybuilding competitions and helped others achieve things that they never thought possible. “I want to impact people’s lives in a positive way and leave them believing in themselves and more hopeful than ever,” she states.

Ashley is also Certified in Thermography and Methylgenetic Nutrition and is one of our primary patient care coordinators. Her giftedness in helping and her outgoing, caring attitude is evident to all she meets.

Look for Ashley to be helping with therapies and educating you in use of the Rife, your genetics, and other services. She also continues to build her nutrition practice helping others reach their goals.

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