What is Leptin?

Leptin is a hormone, made in the fat cells that tells your body that you are full. It tells your to “stop eating”. Some people have a defect on a gene (the Q223R gene) that can cause dysfunction in the Leptin system but most overweight individuals simply have what is known as Leptin Resistance, a metabolic disorder where the receptors for Leptin simply don’t function very well (similar to insulin resistance in diabetics).

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The Study

A recent study aimed to identify the benefits of our NEW dietary supplement Leptin Balancer. It included 62 women with a specific overweight genotype (BMI ≥25, 36-55 years). The experimental group consisted of 21 women participating in a strength training program using the Leptin Balancer supplement (manufactured for our private label). The control group consisted of 17 women who participated in a non-exercise program and 24 women who did not participate in the strength training program.

The duration of the study was 3 months. The workouts were based on the crossfit system, functional training and block and lever devices, based on the whole body training principle. The combined effects of the strength training program and the use of Leptin Balancer have led to more significant changes in anthropometric indicators and body composition of overweight women compared to controls.*

The Results

The addition of Leptin Balancer reduced leptin levels by 33.4 percent in the experimental group. (p <0.05), 6.1% in the control group.*

The Conclusion

The Q223R polymorphism of the leptin gene can be treated as a genetic marker for the leptin resistance molecule. Q223R polymorphism of Q alele LEPR gene leads to the development of obesity. After the workout, the LEPR gene R allele and R / R genotype help to reduce leptin levels. The use of Leptin Balancer in conjunction with physical activity is likely to reduce leptin levels in the body compared to controls.

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* The combined effect of dietary supplement “Leptin Manager” and power fitness exercises on weight loss in women with different LEPR (rs1137101) genotypes. Prof. Dr. Svitlana Drozdovska1, Assoc. Prof. Oxana Palladina1, Anna Polishchuk1, Sergiy Yuriev2 National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine, Ukraine1 Department of General and Molecular Pathophysiology, Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology, National Academy of Science, Ukraine2