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Begin with These Easy Steps

Step 1

This video will give you a walk-through of who we are, what we do, and what to expect on a visit to our clinic. Our care is unique and our follow-up care is unprecedented with weekly access to Dr. Conners through our Zoom conference calls and 24/7 communication through our patient-only Facebook group.

If wanting to feel connected and supported through your journey is important, then contact our clinic now. If feeling like you have a solid plan is important, then call us now. If you are searching for a clinic that cares for you as a person with unique needs, give us a call. We are here for you!

Step 2

Our Alternative Cancer Treatment FAQ video helps you understand answers to commonly asked questions that many seekers have.

We understand that your experience with us is very different than one with standard oncological care - we WANT it to be! However, different often leads to questions. Though we are always available over-the-phone, please begin by viewing this simple video.


Step 3

Call (651) 739-1248  to schedule a Case Review with Dr. Conners.

Case Reviews Cost $199.00. See our Cancer Care Plan fees and options here.

Step 4

Complete online intake form.

Note: Please complete the form on a desktop computer, no handheld devices!

After completing the intake form, you will receive an email with a link to e-sign our legal consent forms through DocuSign. Please watch for and complete these as well.


Ready to Start?

Find your 2-Day Intensive Clinic Prep info here.

Please Note:


  • Home Care Options are available - Yes, we will come to your home if that's what you desire! See What Makes Us Unique
  • Initial Case Review - We have patients from around the globe. Most initially speak with Dr. Conners over the phone, Skype, or Zoom. He will discuss possible options for care and will give you a direction on how to move forward, whether you are able to travel to Minnesota or not. See our page on Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Our Fees - We ask that you review our Care Plan Options and Fee Schedule.
  • How to Pay for Our Care - Here are your possible options.



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