Turkey Tail Complete— Our new private labeled product! 

Turkey Tail Complete is our private labeled organic sourced Turkey Tail. It contains 500mg/capsule & offers amazing immune support, along with many other benefits. 

What is Turkey Tail? 

Turkey Tail mushroom is named after its multicolored brown & tan rings that resemble turkey feathers. It highest acclaim is from its use in cancer.

Turkey Tail is easily harvested in the wild in northern forests with some simple identification guides. After harvesting, you can use Turkey Tail in teas, tinctures, or supplements. 

What are the benefits of this medicinal mushroom?  

“The unique polysaccharide chains in Turkey Tail have been shown to have a direct cytotoxicity in cancer cells & can inhibit proliferation as well as cell migration. There is also evidence that it potentially restricts tumor progression in hormone-dependent prostate cancers.”

— Dr. Kevin Conners

“The benefits of Turkey Tail go beyond cancer care as it has been shown to help balance neurotransmitters in the brain by increasing GABA production.” 

— Dr. Kevin Conners 

GABA is a calming neurotransmitter that can help with sleep, anxiety, & depression. It also has the ability to lower blood pressure & even decrease blood glucose levels. Whether you are struggling from cancer, mental illness, or autoimmune disorders, Turkey Tail is a great addition to your health plan & one of Dr. Conners’ favorites.

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