Between a Rock and a Hard Place

We’ve all felt like we’ve been there; stuck between two possible outcomes that seem inevitable and we are forced to pick the lesser of two evils. I feel this way just about every time I step into a voting booth. However, when someone has been given a diagnosis of cancer, they often feel that (because it’s what they’ve been told) they will die a horrible death from cancer or they suffer the consequences of poisonous chemicals attempting to kill it. They’re given no other alternative.

What if you DID have an alternative? Better yet, what if you didn’t have to throw out the benefits of modern medicine while choosing a slightly different path of care? Enter Integrative Cancer Therapy. I’ve been in practice for nearly 27 years now and must have heard at least a hundred times: “Why can’t the doctors (MDs) and you (alternative practitioners) just work together?” My response was always the same, “Hopefully someday we will!”

It’s “someday”!

If you’ve read my book, “Stop Fighting Cancer…” you understand that I am not against using chemo, radiation, and/or surgery wisely to de-bulk a fast growing tumor. It’s like anything else; don’t go to an acupuncturist for your broken arm! Let’s be wise, do our homework; let’s look at real statistics instead of rubber numbers creatively interpreted to make chemo look more successful. On some lymphomas, chemo has great results, but to legally force a couple to submit their 8 year old to full skull and spine radiation that you admit will dramatically reduce her current IQ over time is simply abuse. There IS another way!

I said it’s now “someday” but not everywhere. It’s “someday” when I am able to receive my Fellowship in Integrative Cancer Therapy taught by Department heads of Yale, and MD Anderson in Houston. It’s “someday” when I get to speak to hundreds of doctors who want to know what I am doing to have the success we are experiencing. It’s “someday” when just a few weeks ago a patient who’s cancer in his liver shrunk had his Oncologist honestly ask and take down notes as to, “what in the world was he doing to make these changes?” It’s “someday” when last week a mother of a patient starts crying in my waiting room as she tells me her daughter (against every medical prediction) is doing fantastic. It’s ALWAYS someday at my office when people who were supposed to be dead a long time ago aren’t dead.

I’m not so naïve to think that it’s “someday” everywhere but I KNOW that if you or a loved one feel like you’re between a rock and a hard place, maybe, just maybe, you’re NOT. Tomorrow’s another day – it’s SOMEDAY!