What does Boswellia do for the brain?

Boswellia Serrata is an extract of Indian frankincense. It has long been a favorite of mine to help decrease inflammation in the GUT and brain and now, studies are coming out that are proving its effectiveness in cancer. The most promising study came from Streffer et al, (1) who investigated the use of a Boswellia preparation in 12 patients with cerebral edema and demonstrated a clinical or radiological response in 8 of 12 patients. Boeker and Winking (2) had similar results in a small prospective study. In a systematic review, Ernst (3) found 7 controlled clinical trials investigating the anti‐inflammatory effects of Boswellia. These studies were related to the treatment of asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn disease, collagenous colitis, and osteoarthritis.


Another study (4) showed almost unbelievable benefits of Boswellia on patients with brain tumors – notorious for mobility due to chronic inflammation. They conducted a randomized, placebo‐controlled, double‐blind study to investigate the efficacy of Boswellia on cerebral edema in patients irradiated for brain tumors.

The results were astonishing, “Compared with baseline and if measured immediately after the end of radiotherapy and BS/placebo treatment, a reduction of cerebral edema of >75% was found in 60% of patients receiving BS and in 26% of patients receiving placebo (P = .023). These findings may be based on an additional antitumor effect.”

For them to even document the “anti-tumor effect” was exciting and a bit risky for them to report.

I realize that many people have brain inflammation from a variety of sources. Think about adding Boswellia to your protocol and see if you notice any changes in brain fog, memory, headaches, and such. Let me know what your results are!

Read more on how Boswellia can help with brain fog below.

Brain Fog? Think Boswellia


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