Dr. Conners answers the questions: What are Bovine Concentrates? Are they good or bad? He discusses how they can be used for autoimmune disorders, cancer and more.

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Bovine Organ Concentrates: Good or Bad?

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What’s your take on using bovine organ concentrate? So bovine organ concentrate is organ tissue. Organ tissue became very common use, a nutraceutical, back in the 1960s, maybe even before that. Biotics Research and Standard Process were the two companies that really started using organ concentrates and they can be extremely beneficial. One of the belief systems with organ concentrates is that when an organ is,  hurting, your thymus gland needs help to keep up; one of the things that your thymus gland does is it helps stimulate immune function. Your thymus gland may need help in keeping up with the immune response so your thymus gland actually secretes messenger RNA. There’s a lot to be heard about messenger RNA this last year with these vaccinations.

However, we’re not talking about a messenger RNA drug, called a vaccine, that’s injected in you to do bad things to your cells. Your healthy cells release messenger RNA to tag something that will be helpful for that cell. Messenger RNA travels to your parotid gland where it’s released in your saliva. When you are exposed to any nutrient that’s going to help that organ, that messenger RNA already tags that nutrient from the saliva as it travels down to your stomach. It tags it as you absorb it and it will help bring it to that organ to help that organ heal. The other benefit of glandulars is that if a person has an auto-immune attack on a certain gland, (let’s say they have an autoimmune attack on the thyroid), by you taking thyroid glandulars, the autoimmune attack is happening partly on that organ glandular that you’re consuming and not on the thyroid itself. Therefore, it could help calm down an autoimmune attack.

But we’re not treating autoimmune disease here, we’re focusing on cancer. So can organ glandulars be beneficial for cancer? If a person has ovarian cancer, can taking a product like Cytozyme-O be beneficial where it has ovary tissue in it? Yes. I did write a blog post about this several years ago about using organ glandulars for cancer. There are also several studies out there, and a lot of theory that it can be beneficial. By using the specific glandular of the tissue that you have the cancer with, it can help the body respond better and help that tissue heal better.

I like Biotics Research glandulars, especially because all their glandulars also have superoxide dismutase and catalase with it, which are really strong antioxidants. They help protect the glandular for many years beyond the expiration date, but they also help protect the glandular substance when it’s brought into the body. If it is brought to the tissue site, especially for cancer cells, it can be very beneficial. For example, if I have cancer of my ovaries and I’m taking ovarian tissue, (Cytozyme-O), then it’s going to be brought there with the SOD and catalase. Then you will have that antioxidant benefit that you’re carrying directly to the cancer itself. Overall, I’m a big fan of using glandulars.

Now some people might make the argument: “well this is bovine tissue, and I’m supposed to be off of meat.” You don’t need to worry about this, it’s organ tissue, and this is not a muscle tissue of the bovine (cow). This is also taken from organically grown cows. There might still be some exposure to chemicals but they’re as clean as you could get.

Biotics Research has a very strong reputation with their glandulars and they’re a company that I trust a lot. They have been doing this for many, many years. Overall bovine organic glandulars are great. The only problem is, they don’t have them for everything. Biotics has the greatest array of them in their stock, but unfortunately they don’t have them for every single tissue. They have about 15 different tissue glandulars, which are very beneficial.

Typically from a functional medicine standpoint, glandulars are used to help stimulate that organ. Using thyroid glandulars can be very helpful with a person with hypothyroidism and using adrenal glandulars could be very helpful for somebody who is dealing with stress issue and low thyroid issues. This product is Cytozyme-Thy. This doesn’t stand for thyroid; this stands for thymus. So this would be an immune stimulator. Cytozyme F stands for female, and has ovary, pituitary, hypothalmus ovary, and uterine tissue in there. It’s a great balance formula for women.