What does brain inflammation cause? 

Brain inflammation decreases the brain’s ability to navigate properly, which contributes to brain fog, memory loss, confusion & anger. Unfortunately, most people are suffering from some level of brain inflammation whether they are aware of it or not. Brain inflammation is often the cause of anxiety, depression, & other mental health issues in our society & this is just not talked about enough. Brain inflammation is at the root of most diseases & disorders, & has a large hand in autoimmune disease due to the lack of a healthy immune system. 

Small symptoms may be visible, like those listed above, but long term inflammation can cause a range of issues that cannot be undone. The Microglia cells work to regulate brain development, maintenance of neural networks & injury repair. Priming leaves the microglial cells completely unactivated & unable to do their job. When brain cells are gone, they are gone forever, so the priming of these important cells is catastrophic. The excessive priming is where we see neurodegeneration & neurological related disease. 

Link to Hashimoto’s Disease

Brain inflammation ties directly with autoimmune diseases, but primarily Hashimoto’s. Hashimoto’s triggers reactivity against the cerebellum, which can create a variety of frustrating, & often hidden, symptoms. Clinical symptoms associated with the brain that are often reported are poor balance/instability, vertigo, anxiety with crowed places, nausea with movement, car sickness, & sound/light sensitivity. Not only do these symptoms make daily living very difficult, but they can lead to a much larger issue. Hashimoto’s can create a web of dysfunction for the brain if left untreated. Hashimoto’s triggers cytokine activation of neuroglia, which creates neuroinflammation. This neuroinflammation then can activate the priming of microglia, neurodegeneration & blood-brain barrier permeability. 

We always recommend a person visit a functional neurologist to test for a variety of neurological disorders related to brain inflammation & microglial priming. Especially if you are someone suffering from Hashimoto’s, brain health is SO important to address. 

Why should brain inflammation be addressed? 

Unlike other cells in the body, we cannot reproduce lost brain cells. Once microglial brain cells are primed, they cannot be unprimed. Like stated above, brain inflammation leads to neurodegeneration & microglial priming, so we must be on top of our brain health so that we do not contribute to long term symptoms or creation of new diseases.

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