When engineers design buildings and bridges, they place great emphasis on getting the foundations right. Just as a strong wall depends on solid structural support, so does the human body. Bones are our foundation, essential for balance, strength, long-term health and well-being. We have more than 200 bones in our bodies – living, growing tissue that is constantly being renewed. Through this process, known as remodeling, old bone is removed and replaced with healthy new bone.

As we get older, our bones may need further support. So taking care of your skeletal system now can help you stay active and independent for years to come. Give yourself the potent support of Bone Complex, precisely formulated to help promote healthy bone tissue and maintain healthy bone density.*

What is Bone Complex?

Bone Complex is a superior combination of Epimedium aerial parts, Kudzu root, Red Clover flowering tops and Black Cohosh root. Three of these herbs contain flavonoids, which research has shown may help support strong bones. Flavonoids are a large group of naturally occurring compounds which are classified by structure into several groups including flavonols and isoflavones.*

In traditional Chinese medicine, Epimedium is prized for its bone-strengthening qualities. Flavonoids from Red Clover called isoflavones may help improve bone density.* Kudzu root is also highly valued in traditional Chinese medicine. It naturally contains the isoflavones daidzein, daidzin and puerarin which can help support healthy bones.*

Black Cohosh is an herb used traditionally to support female endocrine health. It has also been shown to have a beneficial effect on normal bone metabolism.1*

Building a Better Bone 1
How is Bone Complex Unique?

Bone Complex is a novel combination of herbs formulated by Professor Kerry Bone and MediHerb’s Research and Development team. It has been specifically designed to support bone health, particularly in conjunction with weight-bearing exercise and a healthy diet.*

Bone Complex contains guaranteed levels of various flavonoids, the important compounds shown to be beneficial in supporting bone health. MediHerb’s stringent testing ensures these important compounds are retained throughout manufacture, to deliver their full benefits in the final product.*

Who Needs Bone Complex?

Anyone who wants to support bone health and maintain an active lifestyle as they age should consider Bone Complex.*

From our 40s onwards, our bones begin to lose mass as a natural part of aging. Factors playing a part can include smoking, alcohol consumption and a lack of weight-bearing exercise such as walking or jogging. Even the normal wear and tear of daily life can have an impact on our bone health.

You can rely on Bone Complex to help maintain healthy bone tissue and assist your body’s normal bone remodeling process.*

Compelling Benefits

Bone Complex is an effective combination of Epimedium aerial parts, Black Cohosh root, Kudzu root and Red Clover flowering tops. Each tablet is standardized to contain 20 mg of icariin from Epimedium, 28 mg of Kudzu isoflavones (daidzin, puerarin, daidzein) and 8 mg of isoflavones from Red Clover for optimal strength and quality. This powerful combination can help to:

  • Support healthy bone tissue, particularly in mature women, in conjunction with weight- bearing exercise and a healthy diet containing food sources of calcium and vitamin D
  • Support and maintain healthy bone density
  • Beneficially influence normal bone remodeling*