Why Burdock Root for Cancer Therapy?

The common burdock weed, that I hate, as it grows wild in the fields near my house and is a source of annoying burrs matted in dog’s fur, is also a medicinal herb of considerable reputation. Called gobo in Japan, burdock root is said to be a food that provides deep strengthening to the immune system. In ancient China and India, herbalists used it in the treatment of respiratory infections, abscesses, joint pain and cancer. European physicians of the Middle Ages and later used it to treat cancerous tumors, skin conditions, venereal disease, and bladder and kidney problems.

Burdock Root

Burdock was a primary ingredient in the famous Hoxsey cancer treatment. Other herbs in his formula included red clover, poke, prickly ash, bloodroot, and barberry. Burdock is also found in the famous herbal cancer remedy Essiac.

We use burdock quite frequently as it is in our Black Salve Bloodroot (which I take), our Essiac, our Hoxsey, and several other formulas.

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What we use on our cancer patients: 

Black Salve Bloodroot

Essiac Extract

Hoxsey-like liquid

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