The benefits of this vibrant flower

Butterfly pea flowers create a medicinal tea that is naturally deep blue. When mixed with any sort of acid, the reaction creates a stunning display, turning the drink purple or pink depending on the acid potency. This makes for a fun “science” experiment with kids to show the changing pH levels — it’s especially fun because it also tastes great!



Medicinal qualities of butterfly pea flower

Butterfly pea flower tea has a range of beneficial qualities. It has been historically used for its powerful antioxidants, healing & beautifying properties. This tea has been studied for its ability to combat inflammation & prevent cancer growth. It’s also helpful in boosting the immune system, which is great for those struggling with cancer or any immune-attaching disease. 

Butterfly pea flower is more commonly known to benefit the brain. It has been used for centuries to help those with anxiety, depression, ADHD, stress related illness, & Alzheimer’s, as well as brain fog & memory issues. 

Among its other benefits, butterfly pea flower has been shown to help with improving eyesight, reproductive health, blood sugar & insulin levels, skin & hair care, digestion, weight loss & respiratory health! It’s truly an amazing herb! 

How to drink

For our recipe, we steeped 4 flowers of organic butterfly pea flowers for about 5 minutes.

After steeping, you can drink it hot & add some honey for taste OR you can try out a fun experiment!

Check out the color change on our social media @Conners.Clinic 

Pour your steeped tea over ice until half full. Fill the rest of the glass with organic lemonade (or our favorite homemade lemonade) & watch the magic! You’ll see the tea turn into a light purple & maybe even pink depending on how much lemonade is added.

Have fun experimenting!