Vitamin C: An Essential Nutrient

Vitamin C is probably the most famous immune support supplement ever discovered. Most don’t know that it is essential to many other bodily systems and even can be an effective cancer fighter. While we usually suggest Intravenous Vitamin C or Liposomal C for cancer because the dose-dependent need for Vitamin C in cancer exceeds that which most stomachs can tolerate, those without cancer can use the oral dose in Clear CV that is just perfect.

Clear CV is a formula produced to enhance immune function, promote healthy collagen formation, support connective tissues and maintain a normal inflammatory balance. With the help of both vitamin C and various bioflavonoids, homeostasis can be reached within the body. I love the additional, synergistic components in the Clear CV formulation.

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While the primary function of vitamin C is to produce collagen and promote growth, it is vital for a variety of biological systems, including the immune system, skin, blood vessels, arteries and gums. This vitamin is an imperative antioxidant, providing protection from free radicals and oxidative stress caused from normal cellular function. While most mammals can synthesize vitamin C, humans lack the enzyme to synthesize vitamin C from glucose and must obtain it from the diet. In addition, vitamin C is also important for brain health, supporting neurotransmitters and combatting stress.

Deficiency & Immune Support

Deficiency in vitamin C is important to address, as it can have a variety of unwanted symptoms throughout the body. According to Orthomolecular, “Those taking NSAIDS, aluminum-based antacids, oral contraceptives, barbiturates, tetracycline and Coumadin are more susceptible to depletion of vitamin C.” Vitamin C is particularly recognized for its work within the immune system, specifically with T cells, which absorb and concentrate vitamin C. Placebo studies show that the group given vitamin C consistently maintained a healthy immune response in comparison to those given the placebo.

Inflammatory Balance

Vitamin C also has the unique capability in maintaining normal inflammatory balance. Studies have shown that supplementation of vitamin C supports microbial balance in the gastric mucosa by promoting an environment where healthy microflora can thrive, increase tissue antioxidant status and enhance the absorption of essential nutrients in the body.


According to Orthomolecular, “bioflavonoids are a group of plant pigments that provide the colors of many fruits and flowers. Flavonoid intake is associated with cardiovascular health and microbial balance.” This is used often for the support of connective tissue and join comfort, along with respiratory and eye health. Bioflavonoids also have neuroprotective abilities, as they are able to cross the blood-brain barrier and promote healthy platelet function. Certain bioflavonoids have also been known to balance the release of inflammatory mediators from mast cells, while also offering the benefits of being strong antioxidants.


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