Cachexia is a condition that relates to an excessive, uncontrollable loss of body weight and occurs because a person’s fat and muscle mass break down and burn as energy for a growing tumor. The term ‘Cachexia’ comes from two Greek words; ‘Kakos’ (bad), and ‘hexis’ (condition). Stopping the downward spiral has been difficult as medications have not proven successful.

Additions to this video:

– make SURE you are eating at least an equivocal number of grams of protein as your desired weight in pounds. Meaning, if you currently weight 110 pounds but want to get up to 135 pounds you need to eat 135 grams of protein per day. That is a LOT for someone having a difficult time eating anything but it is the protein that is consumed that will stimulate lymphocyte production and it is the lymphocytes that kill cancer!


This video offers some helpful suggestions:

Cachexia and Cancer | Dr. Kevin Conners