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Cancer and Cesium therapy

Cesium High pH Therapy

A truly impressive approach to killing cancer, Cesium High pH Therapy was originally developed by a brilliant American physicist named Keith Aubrey Brewer. Like Protocel, it targets the anaerobic aspect of cancer cells, but in a different way. Cesium is the most alkalizing, common mineral, and is also readily taken up by cancer cells. The correct usage of cesium results in “alkalizing cancer cells to death,” so-to-speak. Using cesium alone, however, will create a potentially dangerous potassium deficiency in the body, so sufficient potassium must always be supplemented along with cesium.

Cancer and Cesium therapy

Originally, a powdered form of cesium, that was difficult for the body to process out, was used. Recently, a liquid ionic form of cesium and potassium has been developed and is the only form that I recommend. This new development provides for even more effective and safe usage of this powerful cancer treatment approach but this approach MUST be done with extreme precaution. Cesium is a strong alkaline substance, similar to lye (potassium or sodium hydroxide used in making soap). In the powdered form it can be caustic – don’t ever take cesium chloride as a capsule. Being that it is a strong alkaline base, it can throw off a person’s mineral balance (especially potassium levels) quickly and this can disturb heart rhythm.  Warning: NEVER take the capsulized Cesium that is on the market!

Make sure you use this approach ONLY with a doctor’s supervision. You must get your potassium levels checked weekly while on this – don’t skip this step! Remember, this information is to introduce you to various options, always check with your doctor – I cannot give you a stronger warning here! But, that said, under a doctor’s strict supervision, cesium chloride can be a great protocol for some people.


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Download Chapter 1 of Stop Fighting Cancer & Start Treating the Cause now for FREE!

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