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Cancer Care Plans

uniquely designed

It all starts with a case review

A case review consists of:

30 minute phone or in-person consult

Review of your medical history

Determination if your case is best suited for our clinic

Discuss possible next steps

Starting Your Plan

Following your Case Review and acceptance, we begin with your 2-Day Intensive where your testing begins. Functional Medicine, Genetic SNP testing, Rife Scanning, and Kinesiological Testing help uncover the root cause(s) behind “why” you have cancer. Through these, we build a protocol around YOU.

Alternative Cancer Care Patient
Ongoing Cancer Support

Designing Your Protocol

Once we have uncovered the root cause(s) we design a unique protocol of nutrition, alternative therapies, & supportive coaching to treat the cause, help kill cancer, and begin detoxification to aide your healing. You'll be introduced to your Personal Care Coach, who will be with you every step of the way to help you stay on plan & pray for you.


Your In-Clinic Therapies

Your Protocol will include recommended therapies that you will complete during your time at Conners Clinic.

Some of these therapies include Rife Therapy, Localized Hypothermia, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, PEMF Therapy, Light Beam Generator, SEQEX Therapy, Acoustic Therapy, Thermography, & Class IV Laser.


Nutritional Coaching

Included in your Protocol is a fully personalized nutritional and nutraceutical plan based on your cause(s).  Your Personal Care Coach will even help teach you to shop, eat, juice, and cook for your health.

Your Take-Home Therapies

You’ll go home with a Rife machine personally programmed for you to use every night. This way, most of your treatment is done while you sleep so you can continue to live your life without constantly thinking about your disease.  You'll also have a personal care coach every step of the way to help you stay on plan & pray for you along the journey.


Ongoing support

Each care plan includes six months of support. Including:

Weekly, live, group ZOOM calls with the doctors and your team to answer all your ongoing questions. These are all recorded and easy to view at your leisure as well.
Access to our Patients-only Facebook support group for constant connection when you need it most.
Follow up visits & exams with doctors are always available (as recommended).

Interested in our Distance Program?

As an additional add-on, or an alternative option to our in-clinic care plans, you can choose to have one of our Distance Care Coordinators come to your home to care for you. We spend two days with you teaching you, your caregivers, and family everything to help you be the most successful in your search for health. In-Home visits include some or all of the following services:

Rife scanning and programming

Assisting in set up & training of your home therapies

Personal nutrition coaching, shopping, & meal planning.

Testing your home for dangerous EMFs and other toxins.

Giving you a thorough understanding of everything necessary to achieve your best.

We even make HOUSE CALLS


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4.8/5 Stars - 100 Reviews



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