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Our Coaching Plans

to your uniquely designed protocol

It all starts with a Health History

A Health History Consultation consists of:

30 minute phone call with Dr. Conners

Review of your health history and future goals

Description of our Course Options

Discuss possible next steps

You will NOT receive any medical advice

Customized Options

Your Choices for Your Needs

Following your Health History Consultation, you'll be given choices. Should you decide to move forward with us, you start by joining our Stop Fighting Cancer COURSE.

Through the Stop Fighting Cancer COURSE, you can add:

  • A FULL Membership Package which includes full access to our Member's Only Site, a FULL Dietary and Nutritional Protocol and followup testing options, and our weekly ZOOM call Q & A's - for LIFE! You also receive FREE access to ALL of our Courses!
  • You can add a fully programmed Rife machine with all needed accessories.
  • You can add Genetic Testing and Review.
  • Or, you can follow all the wonderful guidelines and educational videos supplied in the Stop Fighting Cancer Course alone.

Through these, we help you build the best alternative protocol around YOUR NEEDS.

Alternative Cancer Care Patient

Your Personalized Rife

Should you choose to purchase a Rife machine from us, you’ll be using a Rife machine personally programmed for you to use at night and during the day when you have time. This way, most of your treatment is done while you sleep so you can continue to live your life without constantly thinking about your disease.

Full members will be following their diet, continuing with their supplements, and trusting God for the desired results.

Cancer Care Plans at Conners Clinic | Alternative Cancer Treatment

Ongoing support in our FULL Membership

We currently offer TWO weekly, live, group ZOOM calls with Dr. Conners and our team to answer all your ongoing questions.

You can also send us your questions via our Member's-ONLY Site to better assure they are answered during the ZOOM Q & A time. All ZOOM calls will be recorded and added to our Member's-ONLY Site for future reference as well.

All Full Members also receive FREE access to all our other courses as well.

Are Members, Members for Life?

Not necessarily. We reserve the right to dismiss members who we don't feel we can help, who we feel would be better served elsewhere, who place us in positions that are beyond our scope of practice, who are disruptive to other members, or for any reason whatsoever. The health of the member as well as the health of our team is our ultimate concern.

Necessary Prerequisites?

Our Membership DOES require one to be able to utilize basic computer skills. Our Member's Only site requires the ability to create a password and login and access to our ZOOM calls requires one to create a ZOOM account (it's free) and login as well.

If you are going to start with us, you will need to possess such skills or be able to seek local help from a friend or family member regarding computer training and how to access our member site and zoom calls.

We realize that some may feel less than competent to use a computer and maneuver  through websites, etc. While we will try to help you, we don't have the support team for in depth training and it is often MUCH better to have someone walk you through computer issues in-person so you can see and understand the various steps.

Have Questions?

That’s okay, we’re here to guide you on your journey.

Download Chapter 1 of Stop Fighting Cancer & Start Treating the Cause now for FREE!

Download Chapter 1 of Stop Fighting Cancer & Start Treating the Cause now for FREE!

Holistic Cancer Education in Your Home 💚

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