The Cause of Breast Cancer

We know a number of factors that increase the risk of many different kinds of cancer, from BRCA, P53 gene suppression, smoking, obesity, diet, and even stress. The truth is that ONLY A SICK PERSON WILL GET CANCER. When I say ‘get cancer’ I mean actually be diagnosed with cancer. We all have cancer cells growing in us every day; our immune system is either winning the battle or not.

Cancer Class 4 - conquering CAUSES Dr. Kevin Conners

When our immune system is overwhelmed, by a myriad of reasons, cancer cells (rapidly replicating cells) start the ‘take hold’. There is NOT one cause of any cancer; there are only a multitude of risk factors.

Maybe it would be easier to picture it this way: If we had a scale and we placed ‘healthy, life-giving, and nurturing’ things on one side and then placed ‘not-so-good-for-us’ things on the other side, the scale would tip toward either health or sickness. You see, cancer isn’t any different than any other disease as far as whether it develops in us or not. We really don’t need a 5 billion dollar government study to prove that a life consumed with overwhelming stress, coffee, donuts, cigarettes, and drugs isn’t good for us.

Understanding the above helps us see that the first step in caring for a cancer patient is to fix the environment. We need to ‘clean-up’ the person’s body, modulate any underlining autoimmune disorder, deal with toxins, molds, parasites, and even hidden emotional scars that may have paved the way for cancer cells to grow.

There is a reason for everything, a cause for every effect. Find someone who will search for these.