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Cancer Genes – the book

Do genes cause Cancer?

While only a very small number of cancers are genetic in origin, it is important to understand that genetic factors play a part of how we handle life as well as every disease.

This "living book" is being continually updated as new data is released and is available only on video format as an on-going series of videos. You will need to keep checking in to this page to see updates that Dr. Conners has and new videos that he will be posting.

Cancer Genes Book - Introduction | Dr. Kevin Conners


We want to be clear - while we can't "treat the defect", we CAN support the pathway. Every gene makes an enzyme with a specific duty.

There is so much to green from a good genetic workup. Watch the Introductory video here.

Section 1 - The GUT

While your genes may 'tell your story', it is the environment that really 'turns genes off or on'. Gut health is all important as it is a major way we interact with the environment. One might say that most disease begins in the gut.

Cancer Genes Section 1 - GUT Health | Dr. Kevin Conners

Section 1b - More Gut Videos

Oxalate Issues? | Dr. Kevin Conners
Cancer and Food Antigens | Dr. Kevin Conners
Genetics - Dietary Considerations
Genetics - Gut Health

Section 1c- Gut and Cancer Diets

Cancer Genes and Diet 101 | Dr. Kevin Conners
Cancer - Mixed, Whole food Diet | Dr. Kevin Conners
Keto-like Diet | Dr. Kevin Conners
Eden's Diet - Low Glutamine / Low Methionine | Dr. Kevin Conners
Cancer Genes - Section 2 - Energy Genes | Dr. Kevin Conners

Section 2 - The Energy Genes

Energy is essential to life. In terms of biochemistry, energy is ATP. Production of ATP can be hindered and contribute to fatigue. Also, a growing cancer requires enormous quantities of energy and looking at one's genetics may give us clues as to how it is being fed.

Section 2b - More Energy videos

Energy Production Genes - Dr. Kevin Conners
Genetics & Energy Production
Genetics - Energy Production
Need for B12? - Dr. Kevin Conners
Cancer Genes Section 3 - Detox Pathways | Dr. Kevin Conners

Section 3 - The Detox Genes

You really ARE that which you don't detoxify. If you absorb something (from your food, inhaled through your lungs, in contact with your skin, or injected) and you fail to fully detoxify it, it stays inside your cells. If it interrupts cell replication pathways, it IS the cause of cancer!

Section 3b - More Detox videos

PON1 Gene and Cancer | Dr. Kevin Conners
Superoxide Blocks Apoptosis in Cancer | Dr. Kevin Conners
9-13-17 - ZOOM - Detoxification pathways | Dr. Kevin Conners

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Download Chapter 1 of Stop Fighting Cancer & Start Treating the CauseΒ now for FREE!

Download Chapter 1 of Stop Fighting Cancer & Start Treating the CauseΒ now for FREE!

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