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PILLAR 2 – Personalized Nutrition

Specific, Personalized Nutrition

Our SECOND pillar clears away a lot of confusion. Most people, when researching what to do for their cancer, become overwhelmed with the number of alternative approaches. The truth is that what works for one person may not work for another. Below you can read about several of the possibilities we may recommend, but let's make one thing perfectly clear: You want to be as specific as possible as to what is BEST for you. We are NOT speaking of preference; we NEED to TEST. Dr. Conners utilizes his own unique, proprietary type of Kinesiology as well as Specific Genetic Lab Testing to determine exactly what each patient needs!


Why we do NOT treat any disease:


Testimony - "I was diagnosed with Bile Duct Cancer (cholangiocarinoma) in February 2014 and was given two years to live. I started chemotherapy treatment, but it would only slow the growth and this would be my protocol to the end. One month later, I was diagnosed stage four when a tumor in my liver was diagnosed and was given six months to live. In July, I had to stop chemo after eleven treatments due to critical blood counts.

God led me to Conners Clinic in my second month of diagnosis. I was given hope, caring and a method to extend my life in a healthy manner. Using major diet changes, healing immune building supplements, the rife and other supportive therapies, I slowly regained my health, energy and outlook for the future. Two months after starting with Dr. Conners, the tumor in the liver was gone.

I went through four medical establishments over seven months searching for the same hope and caring, but I was met with disregard, sometimes anger and felt written off from my life with zero chance of life after six months. At oncologist number four, I was offered radiation because the tumor in my liver was gone.

Not able to completely disregard Western medicine, I underwent 28 sessions of radiation supported by Dr. Conners supplements and Ion Cleanses. I experienced zero side effects much to the surprise of the radiologist.

At the one-year mark of my diagnosis, I am cancer free and continue to go to Dr. Conners once a month because his group is my medical team."

- Ron Moore

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"There is always a REASON, a 'why', for someone getting cancer. How in the world can anyone truly get better without discovering exactly what that IS." Dr. Conners

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