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Care Plans starting at $15,900

Step 1: Uncovering the cause

Once your case has been accepted we begin with a Genetic lab to best understand the role of detoxification pathways, tumor suppressor genes, and to give us further hints to both cause and propagation of your particular cancer.  We also use Functional Medicine, and Kinesiological Testing to help uncover the root cause(s) behind “why” you have cancer.

Alternative Cancer Care Patient

Step 2: Treating the cause

After uncovering what we believe to be the root cause(s), we find the best nutraceuticals for your case, create a personalized diet to aide in 'cutting off' the fuel source of cancer, & your doctor creates your alternative in-clinic and take-home therapy plan.

You’ll have a personal care coach every step of the way to help you stay on plan & pray for you along the journey.

Natural Cancer Treatment

In-Clinic Therapies (Included in each care plan as determined by the doctor)

Rife Therapy/Scanning

Localized Hyperthermia

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

PEMF Therapy

Light Beam Generator (LBG)

SEQEX Scan/Therapy

Acoustic Therapy

Thermography Screening

Nutritional Coaching (Included in each care plan)

Nutraceutical recommendations

Personalized dietary and nutritional plan

Take Home Therapies (Included in each care plan)

Rife Machine programmed specifically for you with all necessary equipment to begin the process of healing

Your specific package of nutrition

Detoxification equipment and support based on doctor's recommendation

Step 3: Ongoing support.

Each care plan includes a lifetime of support. Including:

    • Weekly group ZOOM calls to answer ongoing questions.
    • Access to our Patients-only Facebook support group.
    • Follow up visits & exams with doctors (as recommended).


Ongoing Cancer Support

Interested in our Distance Program?

As an additional add-on, or an alternative option to our in-clinic care plans, you can choose to have one of our Distance Care Coordinators come to your home to care for you. We spend two days with you teaching you, your caregivers, and family everything to help you be the most successful in your search for health. In-Home visits include some or all of the following services:

  • Rife scanning and programming
  • Assisting in set up & training of your home therapies
  • Personal nutrition coaching, shopping, & meal planning.
  • Testing your home for dangerous EMFs and other toxins.
  • Giving you a thorough understanding of everything necessary to achieve your best.

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