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Options to meet everyone's needs

Pillar 1: Help Find the Cause

People begin with a Health History Consultation. From here, Dr. Conners will discuss options that may be best suited for you. Whether you simply start with our Stop Fighting Cancer Course and self-direct your care, or you choose to start with our Comprehensive Membership Program, we want what is best for YOU.

Testing within our Full Membership is based on prayer, genetic testing, and experience. However you choose to formulate your care, dealing with possible causes is important.

Alternative Cancer Care Patient

Testing we do with our Full Membership includes:

Rife Therapy testing for frequencies

Testing for "possible causes" and correction

Testing for specific nutriceuticals

Testing for diet and to find cancer's fuel source

Full Genetic workup

Re-checks as things change

Our Full Membership Package gives you access to our Member's-Only Site with:

  • weekly, live ZOOM Call Q & A with Dr. Conners where you have full access to ask as many questions as you need.
  • recordings of all past Zoom calls to listen at your leisure.
  • testing for a Specific Protocol for DIET to eliminate possible cancer drivers
  • testing and specific advice on a Personal Protocol for the BEST nutraceuticals to help your body fight cancer
  • full guidance and our full educational experience.

Pillar 2: Address the Cancer

After helping to uncover some root causes, we work to help you find the best nutraceuticals, create a personalized diet to aide in 'cutting off' the fuel source of cancer, and we help you create your home therapy plan.



Pillar 3: Program Your Rife

With our Full Membership, you will receive testing via your saliva sample and cheek swabs. We will determine the best Rife frequencies that may work best to help your body to begin to fight disease and heal.

This is often the most important pillar, and what most separates us from any other holistic-minded, alternative cancer clinic.


Pillar 4: Clean the Environment

Your body's internal environment has allowed for disease to flourish - whether through your own lifestyle choices or not! Sometimes we can do all the right things (eat organic, minimize sugar and other inflammatory foods, etc.) but still get disease. That's because we live in a toxic world.

We utilize many different types of testing to find out what your body needs (regarding diet, nutritional support, detox, etc.); however our three primary methods are Genetic testing (SNP defects), Prayer, and experience. Using these we work to help find out specifically what your body needs to help support all your organ systems.

We also address the external environment to see what may be negatively influencing your healing process.  This includes EMFs, Mold, Toxins, Emotional Barriers, and more.

Ongoing Support

Included in your Full Membership is a fully personalized dietary and nutraceutical plan based on our testing. Your care just begins when you receive your in-home equipment. You can choose to stay in close contact with us through our weekly ZOOM calls.

And, NOW we have a full, Member's-Only SITE chock full of training videos. It is where our patients access our weekly ZOOM call log of all past calls, ask questions of Dr. Conners, and become immersed in knowledge to better help themselves.


Ongoing Cancer Support

Have Questions?

That’s okay, we’re here to guide you on your journey.

Download Chapter 1 of Stop Fighting Cancer & Start Treating the Cause now for FREE!

Download Chapter 1 of Stop Fighting Cancer & Start Treating the Cause now for FREE!

Holistic Cancer Education in Your Home 💚

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