New Game-Changing CBD Oil, Evolv Entourage2

Evolv Entourage2 CBD is a ground-breaking proprietary blend of Phytocannabinoid Rich CBD Hemp Oil, terpenes and immune modulating Acemannan to help the body’s management of mood, memory, sleep and joint health. We’ve used CBD oil for some time now with success – our current brand was the best on the market and I personally have benefited from using it. But, I am REALLY excited about Entourage2! It is literally going to be a game-changer for many of our patients.

Entourage is our nano-sized, Broad Spectrum, CBD Hemp Oil which is converted to water compatible molecules, increasing its absorption 5-7 times over the competition.

Evolv’s Patent-Pending CBD Formula

  • Organic Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil
  • Super critical CO2 extraction
  • Each batch tested to ensure 0.0% THC
  • Absorption increased by 5-7 times over other hemp products with water compatible nanotechnology
  • Enhanced Entourage2 Effect with proprietary terpene blend
  • Symbiotic effect with the highest rated immune modulating Acemannan Aloe
  • Wonderful cinnamon flavor!

Adding Terpenes Multiplies the Effects of Cannabinoids

Getting phytocannabinoids into the bloodstream is objective #1. Maximizing their impact requires terpenes. Due to their fragile nature, most are destroyed in the extraction process. New research indicates that adding a specific composition of terpenes back into the product worked better than adding more milligrams of hemp oil.

Symbiotic Immune Support with Aloe Vera Acemannan

There are many hemp oil products that have been formulated with additional ingredients to provide support for specific benefits like improved sleep, mood and joint health. One of the most profound impacts has come from the addition of immune modulating aloe vera Acemannan.

Combining the immune modulating fractions of Acemannan with high quality hemp oil provides a symbiotic impact (1 + 1 = 4) that can dramatically enhance overall immune support.

What is Unique About Evolv’s Hemp Oil Formula?

Evolv’s formula utilizes patent pending technology containing a unique combination of all natural, organically grown phyto-nutrient rich hemp oil blended with a proprietary blend of terpenes that enhance the delivery system and strengthen the potency and efficiency of our premium hemp. This blend also contains our proprietary organically grown Aloe vera with the highest available immunomodulation fractions of Acemannan which serves as a catalyst to boost the overall benefits of this formula.

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Why is Absorption Rate Important?

The Problem
In order for cannabinoids to work, they have to get into your bloodstream.
Hemp cannabinoids are large, fat soluble molecules, and are not easily absorbed. Approximate absorption rates for oral intake = 10%, sublingual = 20%.

The Solution
Scientists recently developed a new process that reduces the size of the cannabinoids from 2200 nanometers down to 25 nanometers and then emulsifies them to create hydrophilic (water compatible) molecules. The result? 90% absorption rates (oral/sublingual) and the ability for it be consumed in a drink (or blended with other water compatible nutrients and natural flavorings.) Entourage2 offers these superior absorption rates!

What’s the Proper Way to Take CBD Oil?

Whatever is convenient for you! Because Entourage2 is water-soluble and offers incredible absorption properties, you can take it under the tongue and hold it for 60 seconds, then swallow or simply add it to your favorite beverage. The calibrated dropper in the 2 oz. bottle shows you exactly how to measure the 1 ml dosage.

What Flavoring is Used for Entourage2?

Cinnamon Essential Oil from Sri Lanka, which produces the best Ceylon cinnamon (extracted from the cinnamon bark for the best benefits) and offers a rich flavor for the product. This cinnamon oil has its own special properties that add to the benefits of the product.

Will CBD Hemp Oil Show up on a Drug Test?

Full spectrum oil contains 0.3% of THC which has been shown to trigger a positive on drug tests. Entourage2 is a broad spectrum oil which contains 0.0% THC.

Where Does Evolv Source its CBD Hemp Oil?

Evolv’s Premium CBD Hemp Oil is derived from organically grown phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil from the largest, fully vertical cannabinoid biomass producer, and extractor in North America, more specifically in Colorado. The Hemp used is grown organically, all-natural and extracted using Super Critical CO2 fluid extraction. Our Premium CBD Hemp Oil is a wholesome extract, not synthetic and not an isolate. It contains a variety of valuable terpenes, synergistic cannabinoids, flavenoids and other compounds found in the original plant.