What’s the Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil?

CBD Oil and Hemp Oil are often used interchangeably, however they are very different. Hemp Oil (also known as Hemp Seed Oil) extraction is similar to how Olive Oil and Coconut Oil are produced: through pressing the seeds. Because Hemp seeds don’t contain THC (which give you the high feeling), Hemp Seed Oil typically doesn’t as well (although trace amounts may be present for various reasons.)

CBD Oil is also most often produced from Hemp plants, and does contain small amounts of THC. CBD Oil can be produced from the Marijuana plant (Hemp and Marijuana are both part of the Cannabis family of plants), and is therefore much higher in THC.

What Are the Health Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil?

CBD Oil may help:

  • Ease the mind and body to promote deep sleep
  • Naturally boost cognitive performance for added sharpness and clarity
  • Support relief of muscles and joints by enhancing healthy immune response
  • Reduce free radical stress and anxiety 1
  • Fight cancer 2 3
  • Anti-Seizure Properties 4


How Does CBD Hemp Oil Work?

CBD Hemp oil triggers your body’s endocannabinoid system to desensitize pain and stress receptors, combat free radicals, and support circulation. It helps bring positivity to your mood and mind by interacting with your body’s hormones. The best CBD oil product on the market, Entourage2, offers a unique combination of added terpenes and the catalyst of the immune-modulating Acemannan to help super charge the benefits and help you feel better faster.

Why is Absorption Rate Important?

The Problem
In order for cannabinoids to work, they have to get into your bloodstream.
Hemp cannabinoids are large, fat soluble molecules, and are not easily absorbed. Approximate absorption rates for oral intake = 10%, sublingual = 20%.

The Solution
Scientists recently developed a new process that reduces the size of the cannabinoids from 2200 nanometers down to 25 nanometers and then emulsifies them to create hydrophilic (water compatible) molecules. The result? 90% absorption rates (oral/sublingual) and the ability for it be consumed in a drink (or blended with other water compatible nutrients and natural flavorings.) Entourage2 offers these superior absorption rates!

Will Hemp Oil Show up on a Drug Test?

Full spectrum oil contains 0.3% of THC which has been shown to trigger a positive on drug tests (Entourage2 is a broad spectrum oil which contains 0.0% THC.)

  1. social anxiety disorder
  2. Breast, Prostate
  3. Cervical Cancer
  4. Dravet syndrome