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Best of Chronic Lyme Disease Summit

All the experts in one place - online with easy access!

“Over 150 symptoms could point to Lyme disease — it’s a present-day epidemic that’s terribly difficult to diagnose, so our BEST of the BEST experts are here to share their expert protocols!”

The Best of Chronic Lyme Disease Summit is ONLINE and FREE from April 15-21, 2019


Lyme disease is quickly spreading across the entire globe — 300,000+ people per year contract it — that’s why Dr. Jay Davidson has released his BEST of the BEST interviews from the past 3 years in this epic event for those who suspect or have been diagnosed with Lyme.

Our Lyme disease experts will cover it all:

  • Symptoms (common and rare!)
  • Diagnosis and testing
  • Practical at-home health tips
  • Healing protocol explanations
  • And more!

Dr. Kevin Conners, DPSc, FICT, FAARFM

3 Phases of Lyme and Rife Technology

Discover the tools to help in Phase 3 Autoimmune Lyme
Why Lyme & H. pylori have similar survival mechanisms
Frequency technology for cancer and Lyme patients

Dr. Kevin Conners

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