What is your internal environment?

Your internal environment is the health of your bodily systems. The internal environment is affected by a variety of issues, but primarily toxins. Toxins surround us on a daily basis, so it is important that we work on eliminating these toxins to support the body. 

Picture your body as a garden; it must have the proper environment to grow — sunlight, soil, water, air. In the same way, our bodies require nutrients, vitamins, & minerals to successfully operate & ward off disease. 

Cleaning up the home 

Toxic chemicals in our home, from cosmetics to cleaning products are definitely contributing to ill health as they overwhelm of liver and detoxification pathways making it more difficult to recover from disease. You are just a few decisions away from creating a cleaner environment when knowledge plus a change in buying habits can equal greater health.

Cleaning up your diet 

Nutrition is among the most important aspect of cleaning the internal environment. If we are not getting proper nutrition, we are not giving our body the necessary means to succeed. 

Every individual requires a different approach to changing their diet, especially when combatting cancer. Typically we encourage people to eliminate inflammatory foods as much as possible — this often means taking dairy, gluten, & all processed foods out of the diet.

Cleaning the internal environment = lifestyle change

Cleaning your internal environment almost always requires a complete lifestyle change. We recognize that this is not so easily remedied, but we will always encourage you to live as toxin free as possible to help you through your journey to health. 

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