We cannot continue to knowingly expose ourselves to toxins! 

When it comes to healing, we can’t think that we are going to overcome a disease by continuing to the traditions & habits that got us sick. We live in a toxic world, far more dangerous than our grandparents. We need to clean up our internal environment even when we don’t think something is a trigger.

Our INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT is the state of our bodily systems. Are they functioning properly? Do they need assistance on a day-to-day basis? Am I experiencing symptoms related to poor bodily functions?

Our ideal internal environment is free of toxins, chemicals, & detoxifying properly. When addressing an unhealthy internal environment, however, we run into autoimmune & chronic disease. It is SO important to clean up our lifestyles & toxin exposure.

How do I start to clean up my internal environment? 

Starting to clean up the internal environment really means to address our reactivity to the chemicals around us & eliminate them as much as possible. This often includes a drastic lifestyle change, but it is these very changes that have a hand in creating a much better healing environment for our bodies. We must look deeper into our daily habits & usage of products. 

This includes:

— Food

— Water

— Cosmetics

— Cleaning supplies

— Plastics

— Clothing

— Pollution 

— Mold

Just ONE of these things can be an extremely hard task to detoxify & overcome. However, cleaning up our internal environment is SO vital if we truly want to become healthier. 

Eliminating chemical-laden foods, unfiltered tap water, & toxic cosmetics going directly into our skin are going to have a HUGE hand in helping us overcome the frustrating symptoms stopping us from living a full life. 

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