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Commonly Asked Questions

Do you take any insurance?
Unfortunately, we do not accept any insurances nor can patients/members submit any claims for care. We have had patients receive benefits from certain Christian medi-share-type plans, but this depends on the plan.
Does Dr. Conners give advice on the Case Review?
The purpose of the Case Review is for both you and Dr. Conners to decide if our clinic is a good fit for you. No specific medical advice will be given at the Case Review as it is not a time to ask these type of questions.
Do we guarantee results?
There is simply no way for any practitioner to guarantee any results for care. We are not healers. God is the healer and our role is to give the best advice that is possible. We would suggest that you steer-clear of clinics that are claiming cures and offering percentage results as it is neither honest nor ethical.
May I email questions?
While we understand that people may have many questions, we do not answer any health related questions via email. Patient/members would need to call and schedule an appointment for a phone or in-person visit to get questions answered.
How effective is the Rife machine?
We believe that the Rife has made the difference between life and death for many, many people. However, it is NOT a magic wand and healing is ultimately in God’s hands. The Rife is a tool; used properly, it may help save lives. That being said, we never want anyone to put their faith in the Rife, our clinic, or ANY doctor; we ask that you use us to seek wisdom, make the best decision for you, and place your faith in the One who heals.

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Please Note:

We ONLY practice to PMA Members – call for more info

This clinic practices under their Pastoral Medical License TO MEMBERS ONLY. All information contained in this site and any and all contact with this clinic, in any way or form, is intended for members only and for information purposes only. Please consult your physician for any and all medical advice as we are NOT oncologists and information contained here in no way replace one’s need for proper medical care.

Hear From Dr. Conners

“There is always a REASON, a ‘why’, for someone getting cancer. How in the world can anyone truly get better without discovering exactly what that IS.” – Dr. Conners

Patient Experiences

"If your looking for someone that wants to help and find the cause of your sickness, Dr. Conners is the doctor for you."

Vicki & Kiera Velna

Conners Clinic Patient

"I finally have a plan and feel at peace with my cancer treatment decision. Thanks to Dr. Conners, I can now move forward with my life."

Tamara Huss

Conners Clinic Patient

"Dr. Conners gave me and my family peace of mind, hope and the ability to restore my health!"

Randy & Beth Pratl

Conners Clinic Patient

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Conners Clinic is located on 8519 Eagle Point Blvd #170, Lake Elmo. From Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) head southwest and continue onto Green Ln. Then keep right and slight right onto Glumack Dr. Next, keep right to stay on Glumack Dr and keep right at the fork and merge onto MN-5 W. After that merge onto MN-5 W and take the exit onto I-494 E. Take exit 58B to merge onto I-94 E toward Madison and take exit 250 for Radio Dr/Inwood Ave toward Washington County 13. Then use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Inwood Ave N/Radio Dr. Finally, turn right onto Eagle Point Blvd, turn left at Eagle Point Cir and Conners Clinic will be on your right.

We are open Monday-Thursday 8:00am-6:00pm & Friday 8:00am-2:00pm
For additional questions you can call us at (651) 739-1248

Google Maps Quick Links: Conners Clinic | Lake Elmo | Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport

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