Conners Modified Gerson – Basic 401


“In former periods when there was not enough detoxification in my treatment, after the tumor was killed, the patient did not die of cancer—but of a serious intoxication with coma hepaticum caused by absorption of necrotic [dead] cancer tissue, as several autopsies have shown.

“The solution is that all these former failures can no longer occur if there is an intensive detoxi- fication [through enemas] maintained long enough and a potassium plus iodine predominance [through nutrition] kept present . . Only a detoxified body has both power of resistance and healing.”—Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, pp. 197- 198.

Conners Modified Gerson - Basic 401
Gradually, the tumor shrinks and dissolves. But more is required than merely killing the tumor cells. Next must come the task of cleaning those dead cells out of the system, and killing cancer cells elsewhere in the body.

“But now we have to deal with a mass of dead cells in the body, in the blood stream—and they have to be eliminated wherever they may be. And that is not so easy! The ripe [cancer] cells, the mature cells, are very abnormal. They are much more easily killed than the other cells which are unripe, not yet mature, and not so well developed.

“And there are other cancer cells in lymph vessels. These are clogged at both ends by cancer cells. No blood and no lymph can reach them. There are cancer cells in the glands. They are hidden there, protected from regular circulation. So it isn’t easy to reach these.

“At first it is only the big [tumor] mass which is killed. But this dead mass now has to be absorbed wherever it is . . This absorption is only possible through the blood steam. I call this ‘parenteral digestion.’ [In contrast,] Enteral digestion is in the intestinal tract. Parenteral digestion takes place out- side the digestive tract, through the blood stream. It becomes important then to continually carry on detoxification day and night in order to bring the parenteral digestion to the highest point . . How can this be done?

“ . . [Gerson says the key is in building good soil and only eating good food.] . . But our modern food, the ‘normal’ food people eat is bottled, poisoned, canned, color added, powdered, frozen, dipped in acids, sprayed—no longer normal. We no longer have living, normal food . . One cannot cure very sick people by adding poisons to their systems. We cannot detoxify our bodies when we add poisons through our food, which is one of the reasons why cancer is so much on the increase.” Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 410.