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Detoxing WORKS!!!

“I should like to tell you what we do to prove that this treatment really does work on cancer. Number one, the results. I think I can claim [in 1956] that I have, even in these far advanced cases, 50% results. The real problem arises when we cannot restore the liver. Then there is no hope. The liver—the restoration of the liver and its functions— are so important that some of the patients whose livers cannot be restored die some six months to

21⁄2 years later from cirrhosis. Autopsies show no cancer cells in the body. They did not die from cancer. They died from a shrunken liver.”—Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 411.

Conners Modified Gerson - Basic 501

But can we not use drugs and hormones to stimulate the liver?

“We have to separate the state of pre-cancerous condition form the state where the cancer appears. In the pre-cancerous condition, all is prepared.

“The liver is sufficiently damaged and the other organs of the intestinal tract are damaged enough and then later the symptoms appear. Until then we have the pre-cancerous condition—and this con- dition cannot be cured with hormones and en- zymes, etc.

“We can to a certain degree stimulate the liver with hormones. We can stimulate the liver with cortisone. We can stimulate the liver with adrenalin, etc., but then we take out the last reserves. We empty the liver instead of refilling it. What we have to do in cancer—a degenerative, deficiency disease—is to refill the organs which are empty and poisoned.”—Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 414.

“Q. [Question from audience] Your treatment worked in advanced cases of cancer of the liver? A. [Dr. Gerson’s reply] If more than half to three-quarters of the liver is gone, you can’t restore its function enough to save the patient. You may save them for half a year to a year, but then the liver may shrink and the patients die of a shrunken liver, cirrhosis of the liver.

“The liver is such an important organ that when it has to eliminate its own cancer, this has to be done by the healthy liver tissue. Yet the process of elimination can damage the healthy liver tissue, if we don’t detoxify constantly day and night, espe- cially in these cases . . [He then tells of a woman who was brought to him with an apparently hope- less liver in terrible shape,—but he was able to save her because she kept taking the coffee enemas, ev- ery hour or two, and castor oil enemas twice a day— instead of the normal regime of 5 coffee enemas every 24 hours, and one castor oil enema every two days.]”—Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 416.

Conners Modified Gerson - Basic 501