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In the later stages of cancer, there can be an increase in inflammation and pain. There is likely to also be pain in the first few weeks on a detox program. Max Gerson discovered that this was caused by the high volume of poisons in the system. He found—quite consistently!—that coffee enemas and castor oil not only helped the liver, but also greatly reduced the pain.

Conners Modified Gerson - Basic 801
PAIN TRIAD—However, in the first few weeks of treatment, the pain can become severe since the tumor is breaking down and so many toxic sub- stances are circulating through the body. When needed, the Gerson specialists give three sub- stances, which they call the “pain triad.”

“For cancer patients, even in advanced stages, pain relief was promptly obtained by the use of cof- fee enemas, given every two hours in some cases. In the first few days of the therapy, it was some- times necessary to add ‘pain relief.’ In these cases, Dr. Gerson allowed the use of the following, used together: one tablet of aspirin (5 gr.), one vitamin C (100 mg.) and one niacin (50 mg.) up to four times in the course of 24 hours. [You will note below, that the Gerson Institute has changed this dosage some- what.]

“These ‘three pills’ also produced restful sleep. Their action is surprisingly effective once spasms and edema are eliminated through large doses of potassium given immediately at the start of the treatment with detoxification.

“The relief obtained through the use of the con- stantly given coffee enemas is quickly noted by the patients and they often voluntarily take more than the number prescribed.”—Charlotte Gerson, Ap- pendix 1, A Cancer Therapy, p. 397.

Several years later, the Gerson Institute pub- lished its Gerson Primer, in which the triad formula was slightly changed, by increasing the vitamin C dosage:

“Pain triad. The triad should be used sparingly. Do not exceed 6 dosages in a 24-hour period un- less prescribed by your physician:

“50 mg. niacin / 500 mg. ascorbic acid / 5 gr. aspirin.

“The pain triad becomes progressively more ef- fective as the body undergoes detoxification [elimi- nation of poisons through enemas]. It can be used at bedtime to assist in going to sleep for those pa- tients with substantial pain.”—Gerson Primer, 3rd ed., p. 11.

Conners Modified Gerson - Basic 801

Another Gerson aid in counteracting pain is the castor oil pack. This is used during severe flare-ups involv- ing liver pain, spasms in the bile system, or strong

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pain elsewhere. This treatment can also be used by arthritic patients who have swollen, painful joints. Although messy, when used on the hands and feet, it is still very effective.

“1. Soak 3 pieces of white flannel with castor oil. Squeeze out excess castor oil.

“2. Place flannel over liver or other affected area.

“3. Place slightly larger sheet of plastic over the flannel.

“4. Use medium temperature heating pad over area. Do not let the pack get cold or uncomfortably hot.

“5. Keep it on for 1 to 1.5 hours. Apply it every four hours. You can reuse the castor oil pack.”— Gerson Primer, 3rd ed., p. 11.

HYDROTHERAPY FOR PAIN—Another Gerson treatment for pain is water therapy. This can be in the form of a hot tub bath or hot fomentations (hot, damp cloths) laid over the painful area. Hydro- therapy treatments are excellent for dulling and calming the pain. They also assist in improving blood and lymphatic circulation. But patients with nervous system disease (such as multiple sclero- sis) should not receive high temperatures. Cool com- presses are better for them.