Conners Modified Gerson Basic Premise

Gerson saw FOUR BASIC PROBLEMS in dealing with cancer; what are the areas which need correcting?

Understanding an Alternative Approach to Cancer Treatment

1 – Wasting away: Medical experts know that cancer victims can literally starve to death. Their systems can become so disorganized due to wastes produced by the malignancy, that they cannot properly assimilate the food they eat. This problem must be dealt with.


2 – Reduce the tumor: The tumor must be downsized or shrunk (debulked). In the medical route, this is traditionally done by applying surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation to the tumor. In the process, severe damage is done to surrounding tissue and, generally, to the entire body. Natural remedies accomplish this task by gradually dissolving the tumor, so that it is carried off in the blood stream.

3 – Clean the liver: As the tumor breaks up, some of the toxic end products are carried by the blood to the liver, which is the primary blood-cleaning organ. But this can result in a pileup of toxic substances in the liver. So much waste is being carried to it, from the tumor, that the liver may not eliminate it fast enough. So shrinkage of the tumor requires an urgent, ongoing cleansing of the liver and supporting its detoxification pathways. The poisons in it must be removed. If this is not done, the person will become drowsy and go into a hepatic coma.


4 – Clean the bowel. As the poisons are expelled from the liver, they must be rapidly taken out of the body through the intestines and large bowel. It is vital that the body be aided in this function. Just because toxins have passed from the tumor to the liver, and into the intestinal tract—does not mean they are out of the body. We know, from how the body works in other disorders, that when the bowel is overloaded, toxic substances are reabsorbed from it—and carried to the liver and kidneys for removal.

To summarize the above: Good nutrition cleans the tumor, gradually emptying it into the bloodstream, where it travels to the liver, which cleans the blood. Help is needed to clean the liver, which then empties the poisons through the gall bladder into the small intestine. That waste must be quickly hurried out of the body.