Constipation Know-How

It is one of Dr. Conners cardinal rules that health depends on eliminating wastes and he wants everyone to be having a regular BM on a daily basis. Below are some steps that are somewhat in order of what to try first, second and so on. It is fine to do more than one of these at the same time. For each approach listed below, try for a day or two. If you have little or no success, add another approach or call and schedule a time with Dr. Conners.

  1. Cape Aloe – Our Phase 6 Assist is Cape aloe, the solid residue obtained by evaporating liquid aloe vera, is a great and effective way to achieve regular bowel movements. Don’t confuse this with regular aloe vera juice or capsules. Cape Aloe is a specific product that is often sure to work wonders without causing cramping. Start with ONE 250mg capsule before bed and add another until you achieve success. Find it HERE 
  2. Fiber – taking SunFiber or SunSpectrum is a big help. Also, eating whole fruits and vegetables is so important.
  3. Magnesium and Vitamin C – take 2-4 capsules of our Magna Clear or Magnesium Malate with 1000-1500 mg Vitamin C one to two times per day.
  4. Phase 4 Assist – this is a gentle approach for those with just mild constipation issues. Take 1-2 capsules in the morning.
  5. Prune juice – drinking some good old-fashioned prune juice everyday can often do the trick.
  6. Senna Tea – Senna is an herb. Celestial Seasons makes a Smooth Move tea that works well. The longer you steep it, the stronger it is, so be aware of this. Drinking one glass or more before bed usually helps by morning. The negative about ANY Senna product is that it stimulates cramping and can be uncomfortable.
  7. Coffee Enemas – even if you are already doing these, increasing the number per day can really help. Coffee enemas help cleanse the liver and stimulate the vagal nerve and colon function. You can also do an enema with probiotics, warm water, Epsom salts, and olive oil.
  8. Colonics – visiting a clinic that specializes in colonic therapy can be beneficial to help clean out the gut. However, beware of doing more than just a few sessions regardless of what they are trying to sell you as you can flush your good flora with high colonics as well. Stick to 3-4 sessions to start.

ALSO: Positioning oneself correctly for a BM is essential. Using a Squatty Potty can really help.