Are you taking a multivitamin? 

There are MANY multivitamins on the market. Unfortunately we see stores, like Walmart, Target & Walgreens, carrying multivitamins that contain synthetic forms of vitamins, artificial colors, flavors, & unnecessary added preservatives & ingredients that can actually do more harm than good. According to a Harvard study, nearly half of adults in the US & 70% of older adults ages 71+ take a comprehensive multivitamin pill. How many of these are truly beneficial & effective? 

Multivitamins can, of course, be beneficial when they contain good quality ingredients & necessary vitamins, minerals, & nutrients. While we carry many multivitamin-like products in store, this product by Xymogen contains some of our favorites. Unlike a multivitamin supplement though, Xymogen created a packet of 6 key supplements that provide daily nutrients, probiotics, omega-3 fatty acids, & immune boosting herbs. 

Foundation Essentials Description

Foundation Essentials provides 30 days of supplementation in convenient, once-a-day packets. Each packet provides a daily dose of five XYMOGEN foundational health formulas: ProbioMax® Daily DF, ActivNutrients® without Iron, Omega MonoPure® 650 EC, OptiMag® 125, and D3 2000. These formulas provide high-potency probiotics, an iron-free multiple, IFOS five-star certified omega-3 fatty acids, and extra magnesium and D3. Foundation Essentials can be used for any number of purposes, such as to serve as a kick start to your MedPax® program, basic supplementation while you wait for lab results, or a convenient way to supplement while traveling.

How does it work? 

  • Provides Foundational Supplementation for Overall Health
  • Supports Intestinal and Microbiome Health
  • Supports Healthy Magnesium and Vitamin D Levels
  • Promotes Healthy Immunity
  • Provides Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Good Nutrition and Healthy Cytokine Production

Check out the Foundation Essentials or see Xymogen’s other products HERE.