Trouble Maintaining Blood Sugar Level?

There is often a huge challenge in maintaining blood sugar (glucose) levels. In today’s culture, the average American consumes foods that are highly processed, refine, and contain excessive levels of sugar while offering very little micronutrients and fiber to the body. When combining both poor eating and the daily stressful “go-go-go” mentality, it is easy to reach unhealthy blood sugar levels. Healthy blood sugar levels require a complex process of regulation and a number of metabolic factors to work at optimal capacity. When blood sugar levels fall due to lifestyle or inadequate food intake, the alpha cells secrete glucagon, a hormone that triggers the release of stored glucose from the liver and skeletal muscles. There is a delicate balance of blood sugar levels crucial for regulating the body’s production of energy. Micronutrients, such as chromium, biotin and vanadyl sulfate are required to support enzymatic reactions and cellular signaling systems that maintain the body’s homeostasis. Diaxinol contains a variety of necessary ingredients that help support the body’s glucose and lipid-regulating mechanisms in order to ultimately optimize energy expenditure and fuel storage mechanisms.

Diaxinol is a natural and synergistic formula made for maintaining a balanced blood sugar. Diaxinol’s blend of natural extracts and vitamins support a healthy glucose level. This formula contains five ingredients that target this issue, which allow for maximum efficacy. Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is a potent antioxidant with a myriad of responsibilities, including supporting insulin regulation, glucose utilization and cellular metabolism. Cinnulin® is an aqueous cinnamon extract that supports both balanced glucose metabolism and healthy blood lipid levels. Chromium is another ingredient added to support glucose tolerance factor (GTF) production, which is a critical component in cellular uptake of glucose. Lastly, vanadyl sulfate and biotin are key ingredients included to increase insulin sensitivity and support metabolic efficiency.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is a nutrient required for cellular metabolism, particularly the breakdown of carbohydrates and fatty acids. ALA has been shown to support blood sugar balance by activating AMPK, a major regulator of cellular energy. AMPK also coordinates both long-term and short-term metabolic changes, leading to the improvement in energy production and a reduction of energy storage. Research shows that ALA demonstrated support of healthy lipid levels while improving oxidative stress from reducing free radical damage. ALA also significantly improved glucose transport and utilization, while aiding in the regeneration of the body’s antioxidants including vitamin C, vitamin E and glutathione. Overall, ALA has the ability to maintain healthy blood vessel and circulatory health.

Cinnulin® (Cinnamon Bark Extract)

Cinnamon acts as an inhibitor toward several enzymes that play a role in insulin resistance leading to an increase in insulin sensitivity. Numerous studies have demonstrated that cinnamon has a beneficial effect on maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. In a placebo study on Cinnulin,® those who were treated with Cinnulin® were shown to support healthy body composition by increasing lean body mass while reducing body fat. In addition, research suggests that cinnamon helped to improve glucose response measurements.


Chromium is a critical piece in the molecule glucose tolerance factor (GTF), which is crucial for the uptake of glucose into the cells. Studies demonstrate that chromium helps maintain healthy blood sugar balance, insulin sensitivity and blood lipids. Patients who received chromium in a study were shown to have a significant effect on supporting healthy blood sugar balance, while helping to maintain healthy triglyceride and high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol levels in the treatment group.


Biotin is a B vitamin that plays a major role in the energy production, as it acts as a coenzyme for several carboxylase enzymes involved in the metabolism of fatty acids and amino acids. Biotin plays many roles in maintaining healthy blood sugar balance such as stimulating glucose-included insulin secretion, enhancing insulin sensitivity and accelerating glucose metabolism in the liver and the pancreas. Additionally, biotin activates glucokinase, a critical enzyme involved in glucose utilization. Research has shown that supplementing with biotin increases the number of insulin secreting beta cells in the pancreas.

Vanadyl Sulfate

Vanadyl sulfate (VS) is the stable, inorganic form of vanadium, which is a mineral shown to mimic the action of insulin. VS plays a key role in promoting healthy glucose uptake by stimulating Akt. VS is also shown to decrease glucose production by about 20%, bringing the body back to homeostasis and helping a patient maintain healthy glucose levels.