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Dietary Survey Questionnaire

4 Steps in Healing the Gut


Our diets are probably the most important controllable factor when it comes to our health. Unfortunately, changing our diets can be the most difficult thing to do. A lifetime of habits seem to control us and it often takes the discipline of a Tibetan Monk to make changes that stick.

One of the best ways to analyze dietary influence is to simply take a closer look. This survey (below) will help us do just that. Dr. Conners often recommends further Functional tests to fully measure sensitivities, but let's start with just the survey.

If you've been directed to this page by Dr. Conners or one our our Practitioners, please complete the on-line form below and hit SUBMIT at the end for us to review it. Thanks!

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Download Chapter 1 of Stop Fighting Cancer & Start Treating the CauseΒ now for FREE!

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