Diminished brain resilience syndrome 1

A modern day neurological pathology of increased susceptibility to mild brain trauma, concussion, and downstream neurodegeneration.

A recent PubMed article coins the above terms based on the damage done to the brain from common toxin exposure. Since the number of sports-related concussions has been steadily rising in recent years, the study sought to analyse if there was a relationship between the rise in brain damage to the decreased resistance to trauma that accompanies toxin exposure. It describes a particular physiological state of nutrient functional deficiency and disrupted homeostatic mechanisms leading to increased susceptibility to previously considered innocuous concussion.
Diminished brain resilience syndrome 1
Modern day environmental (and largely unavaoidable) toxicant exposure, along with major changes in our food supply and lifestyle practices, profoundly reduce the bioavailability of neuro-critical nutrients such that the normal processes of homeostatic balance and resilience are no longer functional. Their diminished capacity triggers physiological and biochemical ‘work around’ processes that result in undesirable downstream consequences.
Exposure to certain environmental chemicals, particularly glyphosate, the active ingredient in the herbicide, Roundup(®), may disrupt the body’s innate switching mechanism, which normally turns off the immune response to brain injury once danger has been removed. Deficiencies in serotonin, due to disruption of the shikimate pathway, may lead to impaired melatonin supply, which reduces the resiliency of the brain through reduced antioxidant capacity and alterations in the cerebrospinal fluid, reducing critical protective buffering mechanisms in impact trauma. Depletion of certain rare minerals, overuse of sunscreen and/or overprotection from sun exposure, as well as overindulgence in heavily processed, nutrient deficient foods, further compromise the brain’s resilience. Modifications to lifestyle practices, if widely implemented, could significantly reduce this trend of neurological damage.
I’ll be discussing this much more in future posts but the research that is now pouring in regarding the dangers of “acceptable” toxins is horrendous! We are systematically lowering the bodies ability to fight disease and steadily increasing cancer rates and degenerative brain diseases.