AutoRun is a feature on your Rife machine that allows you to program the machine itself to STORE and RUN ONE PROGRAM just by turning it on. It would be a feature that one might want if one is going to travel with the Rife and can’t bring the computer along for some reason. It may also be helpful if one wants to use the Rife for someone who may not be computer literate and using the computer to select and start the machine might be too complicated.

Again, most of our patients will NEVER use this feature but we wanted to share directions if this is ever needed.

Easy Directions for Running the Rife on AutoRun

  1. ALWAYS have the bulb plugged into the Rife machine (red to red, black to black) PRIOR to turning the power button “on”!
  2. ALWAYS have the switch on the front of the Rife machine toggled to “bulb”!
  3. When these two are checked and done, you may turn the power button to “on”.

Best Practices:

  1. Hug or snuggle with the bulb, close to your body and close to the site of the cancer. The bulb is meant to sleep with and made to be less fragile. If the bulb falls to your side during the night, that’s okay.
  2. Should you need to leave the Rife for any reason, you may turn it “off” and back “on” when you return BUT, if you are only leaving for 20 minutes or less, just set the bulb aside and return to the Rife. If leaving for more than 20 minutes or so, then you may turn it “off” and back “on” when returning.
  3. Run your Rife EVERY NIGHT.
  4. Run your Rife during the day when you have time to sit and rest. You want to get as much Rife time as possible.


  • The Rife WILL make some beeping noises at times; this is normal.
  • During the day, it may be difficult to see the light in the bulb, especially at certain frequencies. This is normal.
  • The Rife is coming to you PRE-programmed. Should you need or desire to add frequencies to your program or to change your program, please contact the clinic – 651-739-1248
  • Keep the machine itself dry and in a place where air can circulate around it so it doesn’t overheat.
  • The bulb can be placed under the covers and over your night clothes OR directly against your skin.
  • The bulb WILL heat up. This is normal.

Here is the Rife Machine we recommend to our patients.