Don’t Pray for my Healing

                                                                        -Dr. Kevin Conners

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Don’t pray for my healing, that won’t mean a thing

If I can’t bring glory, through this, to my King

Don’t pray I recover and live many years

If I’m wholly consumed with only pleasures


No, pray that I wear my faith without fear

Pray that my witness to all will be clear

Pray I show patience when others don’t care

Let many see Christ in my life, be your prayer


Pray for forgiveness when mercy I seek

Pray I give hope to a life that seems bleak

Pray I have words that will comfort the bruised

That I can give rest to the soul who’s abused


Pray that the Lord will use me for His own

Pray above all, my heart seeks Him alone

Pray I repent every day when I fall

Pray I depend on His strength for it all


No, don’t spend a moment to pray that I heal

When God calls me home there will be no appeal

Rather ask Him to mold me and shape me like clay

To make me more useful and choose that I stay


What difference would years make, if I added more

And squandered on self, seeking my own rewards

No, pray that my vision is heightened to see

All He imagined, through Him, I could be


Don’t pray for my healing, pray more that I die

That self, I abandon to lift Him up high

Yes, pray that this cancer will prove me through fire

So through me you’ll see more of His one desire


And pray that my focus is fixed on the sky

So when the day comes, that I’m worthy to die

For I’ve fought the fight, not against a disease

But to daily surrender, that it’s Him I have pleased