Dr. Conners – Modified Gerson Coffee 201

Dr. Conners – Modified Gerson Therapy

Coffee Enemas (part 2)

  1. Coffee enemas detoxify the liver and bile ducts
  2. Coffee enemas help clean out the colon
  3. Coffee enemas stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and stimulate an immune response

Dr. Conners - Modified Gerson Coffee 201

Why would anyone want to do a coffee enema and what does caffeine do in the human body?

Coffee has several distinct benefits taken rectally. If a diluted mixture of coffee is taken in an enema, it opens up the bile ducts so aiding toxic substances to be emptied out of the liver. For nearly 6 decades, Dr. Max Gerson used coffee enemas to do this in cancer patients and found no other side effects. Instead, he believed that diluted coffee enemas could help save lives.

“Where do we begin?” wrote Dr. Gerson, “The most important first step is the detoxification. So let us go into that. First we gave some different enemas. I found out that the best enema is the coffee enema as it was first used by Prof. O.A. Meyer in Goettingen. This idea occurred to him when, together with Prof. Heubner, he gave caffeine solution into the rectum of animals. He observed that the bile ducts were opened and more bile could flow.

“These patients who absorb the big tumor masses [from the tumor into the blood stream into the liver] are awakened with an alarm clock every night because they are otherwise poisoned by the absorption of these masses. If I give them only one or two or three enemas, they die of poisoning. I did not have the right as a physician to cause the body to absorb all the cancer masses and then not to detoxify enough. With two or three enemas they were not detoxified enough! They went into a coma hepaticum (liver coma).

Dr. Conners - Modified Gerson Coffee 201
“Autopsies showed that the liver was poisoned. I learned from these disasters that you can’t give these patients too much detoxification. When I didn’t give these patients the night enemas, they were drowsy and almost semi-conscious in the morning. The nurses confirmed this and told me that it takes a couple of enemas till they are free of this toxic state again. I cannot stress the detoxification enough. Even so with all these enemas, this was not enough! I had to also give them castor oil by mouth and by enema every other day, at least for the first week or so.

“After these two weeks you wouldn’t recognize these patients any more! They had arrived on a stretcher, and now they walked around! They had appetite. They gained weight and the tumors went down.”—Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, pp. 407- 408.