Why focus on genetic pathways?

Dual Phase Detox was designed to support balanced activity of the body’s Phase I & Phase II detoxification processes.

What is Phase I of Detoxification?

Phase I is really all about addressing the genetic pathway of P450s. We always look at genetics when addressing cancer, but the ideal situation would be to look at genetics pre-disease diagnosis. The reason for this is to understand the defects on specific genes & to support those pathways before a serious diagnosis appears.

What is Phase II of Detoxification?

Phase II directly addresses PON1 genes, potentially the most important genes. Someone who is exposed to the same toxic load as you might be able to detoxify easier if they do not have gene defects that cause poor detoxification. For both Phase I & Phase II, we must address genetic pathways first to determine the rate at which you are detoxifying & what genes are causing issues.

Dual Phase

Whenever we are talking about both Phase I & Phase II, we have to talk about stimulating the parasympathetics. By doing this, we have neurological control over the detoxification pathway. When addressing both these phases, we want to use nutraceuticals with NAC, quercetin, pomegranate, milk thistle, artichoke, etc. to help stimulate those parasympathetics & support the P450 & PON1 genes.

This nutraceutical features ingredients that work to enhance both Phase I & Phase II detoxification & support the excretion of toxins from the body. The ingredients in Dual Phase Detox, including Calcium D-Glucarate, watercress, alpha lipoid acid, & green tea leaf all stimulate these phases.

Dual Phase Detox also incorporates antioxidants to help combat any free radicals released during the first phase of detoxification. These antioxidants include artichoke leaf extract & alpha lipoid acid. Artichoke has been shown to help increase bile secretion & urine outpost, which enhances the excretion of toxins.